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Cejay Flexlight Stick Multi-Mode 4.6" IR

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32.25 € / kpl, kun ostat vähintään 2 kpl samanlaista tuotetta
30.55 € / kpl, kun ostat vähintään 3 kpl samanlaista tuotetta
28.85 € / kpl, kun ostat vähintään 5 kpl samanlaista tuotetta
27.15 € / kpl, kun ostat vähintään 10 kpl samanlaista tuotetta


Toimitusaika arviolta 60 - 200 vrk.

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Arviolta 60 - 200 vrk tilauksesta. Arvion luotettavuus on hyvä.

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Tuotteen kuvaus

CEJAY IR -tuotteet ovat ITAR-Rajoitettuja, myynti vain viranomaisille.

The FlexLight-Stick Multi-Mode features both Constant ON and Flashing modes, allowing the user to select the type marking needed based on mission. Like the FlexLight-Stick, the FlexLight-Stick Multi-Mode can be folded, twisted or trampled and with a twist of the end cap, the FlexLight-Stick Multi-Mode turns on when needed—not before. The FlexLight-Stick Multi-Mode uses a long-life replaceable battery, so fewer are needed for mission. Replacing chemical-sticks with reusable FlexLight-Sticks can add up to a significant cost savings at the end of the year.

907522XX FlexLight Multi Mode 12 19 14 1 thumbFlexLight-Sticks are offered in numerous colors including Infrared. The color-coded collar allows the user to quickly identify the light color. The squared off eyelet attachment point allows the Flashing FlexLight Stick to be attached using 550 cord, or Zip-Tie’s to MOLLE, Packs, Vests and nearly anything else you want.

The FlexLight Sticks small size coupled with it's flexibility makes it uniquely fitted for those special applications when you need to get the job done & use a small durable light stick. Take two or three Flex-Light-Sticks on your next mission and realize the advantage over traditional chemical Sticks. The FlexLight-Stick is an excellent, reusable, economically sound, ecologically friendly, alternative.

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