Att reparera en drake

Kitesurf, Drakskidåkning, Skötsel och reparation, Videoguider by / Toimisto-Jorma, 5.5.2021
We have a big selection of kite repair accessories.
Reparationstejper och reparationssatser
Reparationstejper och reparationssatser

DIY kite repair is easy and affordable. If you haven't done this before we recommend to take a look at the following how-to-videos.

Kite bladder remove, install and repair

Ozone Kite Strut Bladder Remove and Install
Kite Bladder Removal & Insertion
Strut Bladder Replacement
Leading Edge Bladder Replacement
Bladder Puncture Repair
HOT-MELT Repair Tape - Kite Bladder Repair

Kite valve replacement

StickIT! Replacement Valve Assembly
Kite Valve Replacement

Canopy repair

Canopy Repair (with Ripstop Tape)

Surf Wing repair

Ozone Wing bladder puncture repair
Ozone wing Leading edge bladder replacement
Ozone Wing strut bladder replacement

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