Terms and conditions of Varuste.net

from 3.6.2024
These terms and conditions concern the online store of Varuste.net . When purchasing at Varuste.net online store the client accepts these terms and conditions.

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Purchasing at online store

You can purchase products at our online store if you are over 18 years old. After making the order and accepting these terms and conditions, you get a binding order confirmation by e-mail. Varuste.net reserves the right to change prices and terms and conditions case by case.

The buyer is responsible of his/her own account and password. The buyer gives corerct information when making the order.

Payment methods

Buying takes place at the checkout in the online store and is directed to the web page of the selected payment method after clicking "Send order".

Available payment methods: Shipping & payment

Possible payment fee is added to the total price of the order, depending on the payment method. The possible payment fee is shown at the checkout. Some of the products in Varuste.net online store may have payment method limitations. The possible limitations are shown on the product page and at the checkout.

All the payment connections are secured by SSL method. When using Visa Electron, its Verified by Visa service must be activated. All the credit card payments are verified, and if the verification is not successful, Varuste.net reserves the right to cancel the order. Varuste.net does not save credit card information in its database. Credit card information is handled and saved in the payment provireds systems. For the web bank payments, you need a username and passwords from your bank.


The price of a product is the one that shows in the online store at the moment of purchasing. Possible extra delivery and payment fees are shown at the checkout. Heavy or large deliveries may have extra fees. The possible extra fees are shown at the checkout next to the selected delivery method. For the orders going outside Finland, we add delivery and handling fees depending on the order. The price of the delivery to selected country is shown at the checkout.

If the products are delivered outside EU (European Union), the buyer is responsible of all eventual taxes, customs duties, importation and other fees. Customs practices vary by countries. You find more information at local customs. If the product needs to be customs cleared, the buyer is responsible for every cost related and understands that customs declaration can cause delays in delivery.
Varuste.net reserves the right to cancel the order in case of obvious pricing errors, in other words when the declared price differs significantly from the actual price of the product. Examples of obvious pricing errors:
  • if the price is 0,00 € or there is no price at all
  • if the price of the tent worth of hundreds of euros is 39,90 €, for example (comma mistakes)
In these cases, the erroneous price differs so much from the actual price that the customers can reasonably be supposed to undestand that there is an error.

Delivery time

Varuste.net packs the orders normally in 1-3 working days. The customer can also pick the order up at the physical store. In this case, the customer gets an e-mail when the order is ready to be picked up, usually in 1-2 working days.

Delivery time depends on the product, its availability and delivery address. The estimated delivery time can be found at the product page. The delivery times are based on the previous deliveries of the same brand from the supplier.

In Finland, the delivery time for parcels is normally 1-2 working days. For the express parcels delivered abroad, it is normally 3-8 working days. When Varuste.net packs the order, the buyer gets a tracking code by sms and e-mail.
If there is a significant delay in delivery, Varuste.net customer service contacts the buyer by e-mail. Varuste.net reserves the right to deliver separately products that have been ordered at the same time, if necessary.

If the product does not arrive within a reasonable time and our customer service has not contacted the buyer, we ask the buyer to contact us.
Varuste.net reserves the right to cancel the order if necessary. In these cases, the payment is refunded within 14 days.


The guarantee time shows at the product page. The warranty does not cover product's normal aging process nor flaws caused by inappropriate use or insufficient maintenance.

Canceling and returns

The buyer has a right to cancel the order if it is yet to be shipped out. If the buyer wants to cancel the order, he/she should contact the customer service by e-mail with the name, the address and the order number. Varuste.net refunds the price of the order within 14 days. Payment will be refunded to the original payment method.

Returning is free in Finland. If the products are returned from abroad (outside Finland), the customer pays the return cost. We do not offer free returns outside of Finland.

The buyer has a right to return or change products within 60 days from receiving them. The right does not apply customized products, such as custom-made suits, engraved knives, and firearms and ammunition subject to authorisation. The product and the product package must be in its orginal condition i.e. free of defects, if it is possible to open the package without damaging it. The product accepted for return must be unused, clean and in its original sales packaging. If possible, all packaging including labels and other tags of the product must be kept in place and intact. If the returned item arrives to us dirty: we reserve the right to deduct a maximum of 15 % of the product price as cleaning costs, but no more than 50 euros. If the product is not easy to clean, if the product contains hair or animal fur, it is no longer suitable for sale. In this case, we cannot refund the price of the product.

Varuste.net does not offer product exchange. Purchased products can be returned to us within a time period of 60 days, granted that the returned products meet the terms of our return policy. If you wish to receive the originally purchased product in another variant, you need to place a new order for the desired variant of the product. Please note that sales campaign specific discounts are only valid for purchases made during the duration of the campaign. Discounts will not be provided for purchases made after the end of a given sales campaign.

If the customer does not pick up the parcel or the customer refuses to receive the shipment, the fees will be deducted from the refund. These fees consist of the original delivery cost without possible discounts + shipping cost of the return package (= original delivery cost) + handling fee 10 €. If the shipment has been sent outside the EU and the customer refuses to receive the shipment and refuses to pay taxes, customs, etc. costs, and the shipment is returned to the sender, Varuste.net will deduct from the refund the costs mentioned above as well as the costs incurred from the export, such as taxes, customs duties, and the carrier's handling fees.

If the original price of the order has entitled the customer to reduction of delivery cost, but with the return and the refund, the price decreases below the discount limit, the delivery fee will be added to the order according to the original delivery method and subtracted from the refund amount.

If the customer returns the whole order inside the EU, Varuste.net will also refund the original delivery cost the customer has paid. Varuste.net will only refund the price of the standard delivery cost. If the customer has chosen express delivery, Varuste.net will only refund the price of the cheapest available delivery method.

If the customer returns the whole order outside the EU, Varuste.net won't refund the original delivery cost the customer has paid. 

If customer is returning product(s) from outside the EU, customer has notify our customer service in advance. Give our customer service a list of product(s) to be returned and the tracking code of your return package.

If the product is defective or damaged during delivery, the buyer must inform Varuste.net customer service as soon as possible. Varuste.net tries to change the defective product, but if it is not possible, Varuste.net refunds the purchase price, including the price of the product and the delivery fees. The refund is made after verifying the flaw.


Varuste.net respects the customers' privacy.

Customers' personal data are only used inside Varuste.net , except for cases in which third parties carry out certain tasks, such as processing payments, sending items, or handling orders. In these cases Varuste.net only gives third parties the information that is necessary for the task in question.

Varuste.net communicates customers' personal or other data to third parties for order handling purposes only. Varuste.net does not sell, share nor lease data to third parties.

However Varuste.net reserves the right to communicate customers' personal and other data to authorities in cases of violation of law.

Buyers' names, contact information and other personal data are saved in the Varuste.net customer register.

Varuste.net can use buyers' personal data for marketing purposes. The customer has right to refuse the marketing whenever he/she wants.


Changing the terms and conditions

Varuste.net reserves the right to change the online store, its practices and terms and conditions at any time. Changes only concern the orders made after the terms and conditiond have changed.

Force Majeure

Varuste.net is not responsible for delays or damages caused by an event of force majeure, extraordinary event or circumstance beyond its control, such as
  • Natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, tornados and fires
  • Human events, such as wars, riots or other major upheavals
  • Performance failures such as disruptions in telephone service attributable to the telephone company, labor disputes other than those of the contractual parties, government restrictions, or supplier problems (product unavailable)


Varuste.net is not responsible for indirect damages unless they are caused by gross negligence or willfull misconduct.

Applicable law and possible disputes

These terms and conditions are made respecting the Finnish law. Disputes between seller and buyer, unless resolved by negotiations between parties, are resolved in local court near the seller.

If disputes cannot be resolved by negotiations between parties, the matter can be referred to The Consumer Disputes Board (https://www.kuluttajariita.fi/en/).

Behore referring the matter to The Consumer Disputes Board, consumer should contact the Consumer Advisory Services (https://www.kkv.fi/en/)