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HumanGear GoToob+ 3-Pack Large (100ml)

HumanGear GoToob+ 3-Pack Large (100ml)

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HumanGear GoToob+ 3-Pack Large (100ml) Blue, Green & Transparent
Blue, Green & Transparent
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HumanGear GoToob+ 3-Pack Large (100ml) Purple, Transparent & Teal
Purple, Transparent & Teal
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Buy 3 pcs of GoToob+ in one package! This soft and practical silicone bottle holds 100 ml. The bottle is easy to fill and clean while it's not sticky and leaking. It is therefore perfectly suited for travelling with. It is also easy to label it with content and attach to a pack via a hook or carbiner.

  • GoToob+ offers the same properties and features as the traditional GoToob.
  • The new LoopLockTM prevents leakage and accidental opening in locked mode. It also makes it easy to attach the bottle to the outside of a pack via a hook or carbiner.
  • The sizes Large, Medium and Small are TSA-approved.
  • Easier to fill and clean due to a 25% larger opening compared to the traditional GoToob.
  • Flat surface at the bottom making it easier to fill the bottle without holding on to it.
  • Soft, squeezable design permits fast, easy dispensing.
  • ”No drip” silicone valve keeps cap clean.
  • Flip-cap ends fumbling with screw-on caps.
  • Perfectly suited for holding toiletries (schampoo, conditioner etc).
  • Great for outdoors (sports gel, camp foods, sunscreen etc).
  • Environmental and health friendly with it´s durable and refillable design.
  • The product is made with FDA-approved food-safe materials as well as it´s 100% BPA and 100% PC-free.
  • The tube is dishwasher safe.
  • The transparent silicone clearly shows how much content that is left in the bottle.

Storleken på den packade produkten eller förpackningen är ca 270 x 200 x 80 mm.

0,3 kg
(med förpackningen 0,32 kg)

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