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Vision XO Kela

Vision XO Kela

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Vision XO Kela 5/6 Black +80,00 €
5/6 Black + 80,00 €
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Vision XO Kela 7/8 +80,00 €
7/8 + 80,00 €
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Vision XO Kela 8/9 +180,00 €
8/9 + 180,00 €
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Vision XO Kela 9/10 +180,00 €
9/10 + 180,00 €
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A premium reel requires a world-class brake, plenty of line capacity, a light but still solid construction and last but definitely not least a unique design to clearly separate it from all the other reels on the market. Those were our main targets with XO fly reels.

The 34 class reel is made with an adjustable click brake for the ultimate lightness. 56 and 78 are lightweight, large-arbour reels with well tested sealed disc brake design. Merisuola 78 has the same large-arbour design and brake system as the XO 78 however we have increased the brake power and capacity for this saltwater version of the XO reel.

The BIG BROTHERS have the XO reel’s stunning look fused with XLB reel’s bomb proof & powerfull brake. The brake mechanism has been used for over 20 years with countless huge fish under its belt and now it’s mounted on this sturdy but beautiful reel family. On these reels this proven brake mechanism is sealed even better than in its predecessors. These bigger reels are aimed for heavy salmon and saltwater use. The brake power increases very linearly within 2,5 rounds, giving you impressive 8kg maximum force. The waterproofing utilises axle seals from German Ina and all bearings are from Japan.

89 Additional size to the XO reel family. The 89 is the ideal size reel for heavier single hand rods and Switch rods. With thin backing and monofilament running line it has enough capacity even for smaller double handers. The brake system is a slightly tamed version of the bigger and more brutal 910 & 1012 reels allowing us to make the ideal weight reel for the purpose with big enough maximum brake force. The reel’s frame and spool are machined elegantly thin for weight reduction but the “wine glass look” construction itself makes this reel super rigid.
  • Large arbour
  • Adjustable click brake on 3-4
  • Sealed disc brake on 5-6 & 7-8
  • Built in counter balance
  • SKF bearing grease
Line Diameter Volume Weight Capacity Item #
#3-4 85mm 55cm3 65g WF4 + 50m 20lb backing VXOR34
#5-6 95mm 80cm3 123g WF6 + 50m 20lb backing VXOR56
#7-8 103mm 110cm3 135g WF8 + 2000m 36lb backing VXOR78
#8-9 109mm 114cm3 TBA WF9 + 130m 30lb backing VXOR89
#8-9 109mm 114cm3 TBA WF9 + 130m 30lb backing VPR89
#9-10 109mm 141cm3 258g Hybrid 25g + 200m 36lb Dacspun VXOR910
#10-12 114mm 198cm3 269g Hybrid 43g + 200m 36lb Dacspun VXOR1012

Storleken på den packade produkten eller förpackningen är ca 150 x 150 x 100 mm.

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12 mån.


Anonym verifierad köpare, 12.12.2021
Allmänt betyg
Visa original
Precisionsarbete och effektiv bromsning.
Anonym verifierad köpare, 1.12.2021
Allmänt betyg
Visa original
Superkvarn vacker lätt design och bromsar till höjden
Anonym verifierad köpare, 15.7.2021
Allmänt betyg
Visa original
Juha Y. verifierad köpare, 27.5.2020
Allmänt betyg
Visa original
Bra broms och snygg design
Anonym verifierad köpare, 4.10.2019
Allmänt betyg
Visa original
En mycket trevlig rulle för både ögat och dess funktion.
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