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ATK Raider 12

ATK Raider 12

ATK Raider 12
ATK Raider 12

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ATK Raider 12 Dark Blue
Dark Blue

102 mm
108 mm
120 mm

Binding mounting

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ATK’s free touring jewel. Designed for all enthusiasts for whom weight is certainly an important factor but who are not willing to compromise in terms of performance.

The“R12” family shows 4 different productive Technologies and 6 ATK® Patents, among which the new Snow Pack Proof System® which avoids the snow, ice or debris entrance under the toe piece locking mechanism. The huge know-how that ATK® developed on the racing field has also made it possible to achieve a weight of only 335 grams, including the new rear ski brake which provides a great braking action with an astonishing ease of use and lightness. A new fully-adjustable Freeride Spacer is available as an accessory and it definitely closes the gap in between Free Touring and Free Ride categories and moves precision and power transmission to a racing Alpine binding level.

  • Easy Entry System®: new geometry of the toe parts elements that makes the step-in easy and confident with any tech boot available on the market, even in case of worn out soles.
  • SNOW PACK PROOF SYSTEM®: no snow pack under the toe part, even with several up-hill/downhill transitions; it also avoids snow loads on the toe piece, granting a perfect lightness at any moment.
  • U.H.V.® System (Up-hill Hardness Variator): system that allows to change the up-hill locking hardness of the toe part. It compensates the boot toe insert wear and tear during the years, provides a proper locking strenght for each user and reduces the pressures on the locking mechanism.
  • CAM RELEASE SYSTEM®: exclusive system that provides the most stable downhill performance on the market, extremely precise release and the softest heel step-in of the industry.
  • ELASTIC RESPONSE SYSTEM®: an elastic sliding system (8+4 / tot 12 mm of elasticity) per gli attacchi da 12 e 14 applied to the heel part to ensure the natural ski flex (also in case of big jumps/compressions), improves the binding release performance when the binding is stressed, reduces the pressure on the ski-boot-binding system.
  • Magneto Heel Flaps® provides 5 different walking modes.
  • The built-in crampons slot assures the perfect insertion of any ATK® crampon size.
  • A 25 mm ADJUSTMENT PLATE is integrated in the heel part to assure a fast adjustment in case of boot substitution.
  • The release system on the heel part provides a 5 to 12 adjustment range, both lateral (Mz) and vertical (My).
  • SKI-BRAKE ELASTIC SLIDE: integrated in the ski-brake pad to keep the lateral release value of the binding fixed.
  • Rear SKI BRAKE included: characterized by ATK® usual quality and extreme lightness. Two different positions (Uphill and Downhill) can be simply selected by pressing a button.
  • FREERIDE SPACER ( optional ): with this new accessory, we covered and exceeded the gap in between tech and alpine bindings providing an astonishing downhill performance.

Materials Alu Alloys, Stainless Steel, POM
Release 5-12
Adjustment 25 mm
Weight: 335g

Ideal Ski:
1000 – 1700 gr
80 – 120 mm

Storleken på den packade produkten eller förpackningen är ca 350 x 150 x 150 mm.


0,67 kg
(med förpackningen 0,7 kg)


Marco C. verifierad köpare, 8.1.2023
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Översatt av GoogleVisa original
Fantastiska tekniska bindningar för skidturister
Anonym verifierad köpare, 27.1.2022
Allmänt betyg
Översatt av GoogleVisa original
Fantastiska skidor med fantastisk teknik bakom sig. Betydligt lättare än mina andra bindningar och med ännu mer funktionalitet och kraftöverföring.
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