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Runbell, Gold, Small




Gold, Small

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Färg: Gold
Storlek: Small

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Runbell is a compact yet powerful bell. Our new version, Runbell 2.0, features an even higher quality brass dome, which produces a louder, more musical ring.

Adjustability is important, since not everyone has the same sized fingers. We designed Runbell to be slightly oversized, to fit even large hands comfortably. We also supply two pairs of silicone inserts with every Runbell, so you can reduce the ring size to fit YOUR finger perfectly. On cold days, leave out the insert and wear Runbell over your glove.
Men’s sizes: Runbell ring 24φ mm. With silicone inserts: 22φ mm and 20φ mm. (φ is diameter)
Women’s sizes: Ring ring 21φ mm. With silicone inserts: 19φ mm ring and 17φ mm ring.

Runbell 2.0 has a stiffer spring, which requires less effort to use and produces a louder, clearer ring. You can activate Runbell’s striker with a pull or a push of your thumb, whichever is more comfortable for you. For a loud sound, pull the striker straight back from the bell. For a quick sound, flick the striker forward.

Small, stylish, and lightweight, the Runbell is a seamless addition to your running attire. A Runbell weighs in at about 1 ounce (30 grams).

Ten percent of women and six percent of men are allergic to nickel. Rest assured. We cater to all runners by choosing quality metal that contains zero nickel or lead.
Runbell’s grip is aluminum, and the bell is brass. Finish, where needed, is brass electroplating. The soft, finger-hole inserts are made of silicone.

You might surprise an occasional pedestrian with the ding of your Runbell, but most will be grateful for your politeness. Startled walkers often complain about runners overtaking them in surprise.

We designed Runbell to be jewelry quality. The intent was to create not only a functional running bell, but also a stylish fashion accessory that looks good on the track, the trail, or the city sidewalk.

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Daniel T. 24.1.2021
Allmänt betyg
Bra kvalité; funkar som väntat!!
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