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Matador travel equipment is designed and tested at the headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. As a design centric brand, we live in the environment that our products are designed for.

Matador equipment is designed to perform, regardless of conditions. Every decision we make is focused on product performance ­first and foremost. All materials, coatings, hardware, and features are carefully considered to ensure that the end product performs without compromise.

Matador products are designed with a specific application in mind. We carefully select features that are necessary and eliminate everything that is not. By avoiding added features and details, Matador products perform better at what they are designed for.

At Matador, we are not afraid of new and different - if it’s better. Matador equipment is designed on the foundation of proven construction and material application. But, we are not afraid of shaking up the tried and true in pursuit of products that are lighter, more durable, or just downright better.

At Matador, we believe travel is a powerful tool in garnering perspective through experience. Packing less and experiencing more is a core tenet of our brand and of people who depend on our products. We design lightweight, efficient travel equipment for those that travel light and fast.


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