Cressi LP Hose Recall

Dykning, Product Recalls by / Toimisto-Jorma, 27.9.2022

Cressi Sub Spa is conducting a recall on a limited number of LP hoses supplied together with the buoyancy compensator devices (BCD) named PATROL, QUARTZ, START, START PRO, AQUARIDE, TRAVELIGHT, COMMANDER EVOLUTION, SCORPION and CARBON that have been produced and distributed by Cressi Sub since March 1, 2022.

Picture shows the LP hose included in all units allowing the inflation and deflation of the BCD by connecting the ends with the first stage regulator and the by-pass of the BCD.

What could possibly be the problem? Failure to inflate or imperfect inflation were found in a limited number of BCDs due to a malfunction of the LP hose.  
As a precaution, if you have purchased a BCD named PATROL, QUARTZ, START, START PRO, AQUARIDE, TRAVELIGHT, COMMANDER EVOLUTION, SCORPION since 01/03/2022, we kindly ask you to check if the LP hose included in your BCD shows in its metal connection one of these 3 numbers (as shown in the picture):
007/22 - 019/22 - 035/22

We kindly ask you to immediately stop using your LP hose and return it at your earliest either to your Specialized Dealer where you bought it who will provide a new unit free of charge or as an alternative, for a free of charge replacement, directly to 

CRESSI-SUB S.P.A. Via G. Adamoli 501 – 16165 GENOVA (ITALIA). If you have any questions, do  not hesitate to contact customer service at the following Italy email address:
CRESSI-SUB ESPANA S.A. c/Castellassa, 24 nave 3 (poligono Can Petit) – 08227 Terrassa  (Barcelona). If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact customer service at the following  Spain email address:

We recommend you to proceed in this way and in any case we remind you that it is important (as indicated in the user manual) to always try to inflate/deflate the BCD before diving.
We apologize for the inconvenient and thank you for your understanding and support.

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