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How do I know if a product is in stock and available?

Are the same products available in your shop and in your online store?

How do I know when a product that is out of stock will be available again?

What does ”delivery time approximately” mean?

What does ”the realibility of the estimation” mean?

What is an outlet price?

Can you order and deliver product variants (size, color, other attributes) that are not listed on the page of product?

Can you order and deliver products that are not found in the current assortment?

How can I recommend a brand or product to your assortment?

Do you sell made-to-measure products?

Can I purchase products directly in your shop without an order?

Can I reserve a product?

Logging in and clienti VIP

Do I need a customer account to make an order?

How can I change the information found on my customer account or remove my account completely?

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to your newsletter?

What is VIP customership?

Deliveries and payments

How can I find different delivery methods?

Why some of the delivery methods are not available?

How do I know which payment methods are available?

Can I purchase products by invoice

Why is my credit card payment failing?

How do I use a gift card or a discount code?

Can I combine discounts?

What do I do when the price of a product changes after I purchased it?


How fast are orders shipped?

Why is the status of my order..?

Why has my order not been shipped?

How do I know when my order can be picked up in your shop?

Can somebody else pick up my order in your shop?

How can I modify my order?

How can I cancel my order?

What should I take into account if I make an order outside of the EU?

Can a company order tax free?

What should I do if something is missing from the delivered order?

What should I do if I have received the wrong product?

What should I do when I have received a shipping confirmation but the order has not been delivered?

Product returns and complaints

How can I return a product?

How can I file a product complaint?

How is my personal infomation information processed?

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