Product complaints, claims and warranty

Even though we try to keep only the best products from the best brands in our selection product failures may sometimes occur. If it happens you can always make us a product claim and we'll see what we can do. Most of the products we're selling have manufacturers warranty which is usually at least one year. Some of the products can even have our own extended Buy It For Life™ warranty

Please contact us as soon as possible after you have noted the fault by email or calling our customer service +358 9 454 0707.

To be able to handle product claims as fast as possible please provide us a proof of purchase when making a product complaint.


We'll try to handle product claims and complaints as fast as possible. Usually we inform and ask manufacturer or distributor about their opinion. Quite often manufacturer wants to see or repair the product themselves to assure better quality control. Handling time may vary for those products that are sent to be assessed or repaired by the manufacturer depending on the fault and manufacturer.

Making a product complaint or claim is easy and fast if you follow these steps below:

1. Product has to be purchased from us▼

2. Delivering the product to us▼

3. Where can I enquire the status of my product complaint?▼


You can see the manufacturers warranty time in the product page in our web store. All warranty cases are handled according to the instructions of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority.

In an unclear cases please contact our customer service before delivering the faulty product to us.
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