Product complaints, claims and warranty

Even though we try to keep only the best products from the best brands in our selection, it's possible that the product you have bought has a defect or a manufacturing fault.. If it happens you can always make us a product claim and we'll see what we can do. Most products come with a manufacturers warranty and selected products come with our own extended Buy It For Life™ warranty

Please contact us as soon as possible after a fault occurs, by visiting our store or contacting our customer service team. Please note that our customer service does not make claims decisions, but will guide you through the claims process.

In order to process your complaint as quickly as possible, please provide us with a receipt of your purchase or order confirmation and a describtion of the fault. It is also a good idea to include pictures of the defect in your email, if possible.


We aim to deal with complaints as quickly as possible. We will ask the manufacturer or importer for their position on the complaint, as many manufacturers want to evaluate and/or repair the product themselves for quality control purposes. The speed with which products sent for evaluation or repair are processed depends on the manufacturer and the defect.

Making a product complaint or claim is easy and fast if you follow these steps below:

1. Product has to be purchased from us

2. Delivering the product to us

3. Where can I enquire the status of my product complaint?


We try to indicate the warranty period on the product page in our online shop. Warranty procedures are handled in accordance with the instructions of the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority. In case of doubt, please contact our customer service.

If there has been a defect in a product you have purchased, we will endeavour in the first instance to repair or rectify the defect within a reasonable period of time in accordance with the instructions of the CCI. For example, a broken button on a pair of trousers can be repaired by a shoemaker.

Some manufacturers, importers or suppliers prefer to repair the products themselves. In these cases, the defective products covered by the guarantee are sent for repair. In the case of a guarantee, the consumer will of course not incur any costs for the repair or will be reimbursed as agreed.

Occasionally, repair times may be delayed for reasons beyond our control, for example in cases where a faulty or broken product is sent abroad for evaluation or repair.

If it is not possible to repair the purchased product or if it would involve unreasonable costs, the product may be replaced. If the warranty period is valid, the replacement does not extend the warranty period, but the original warranty remains valid. In the case of replacement, the replacement product must be of the same price and quality as the defective product and should meet the criteria under which it was originally purchased.

Replacement will not be made in cases where the cost of replacement is unreasonable, for example where the goods are made to measure or where production of the product has ceased.

If repair or replacement is not possible, the defect may be compensated by a price reduction or the transaction may be cancelled.If repair or replacement is not possible, the defect may be compensated by a price reduction or the transaction may be cancelled. The guarantee does not cover defective products if the cause of the defect is
  • Customer negligence
  • Accident, e.g. lightning damage
  • Accidental damage, such as accidental damage caused by a fire or accidental damage caused by an accident (e.g. fire caused by a hailstorm)
  • Improper handling or storage of the goods
  • Wear and tear resulting from normal use of the goods.

Maintenance, installation and other available services offers a wide variety of service related to the maintenance of products and equipment. The delivery time of different maintenance services varies and it is possible that you will have to leave the serviceable product in our shop if the service cannot be performed immediately. Please contact our customer service regarding the availability and time estimates of maintenance services before bringing or sending a product to us.

Maintenance services include for example:
  • Dräger breathalyser calibration
  • Avalanche beacon maintenance and update
  • Firmware updates for Black Diamond Jetforce avalanche backpacks
  • Diving regulator maintenance
  • Diving cylinder maintenance
  • Refilling of diving cylinders
  • Ski base repair and waxing
  • Dive computer battery change
  • Dry suit and immersion suit modification
  • Made-to-measure dry suits and immersion suits
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