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Newsletter by Varuste.net / Toimisto-Jorma, 11.7.2023
Step by step

Summer and especially summer vacation is the time for outdoor activities and all kinds of other adventures.

Varuste.net's shoe selection is just absurd. In addition to the obvious rubber boots and hiking boots, you will find a selection of all kinds of special footwear for climbing, diving and other water sports, trail running and running on hard surfaces.

However, this week's topic focuses on leisure time and more chill & comfy approach towards outdoor activities from a footwear perspective.
Many people drift from one adventure to another during the day on their holidays.
An activity filled vacay-day can include island hopping, walking around the city, enjoying nature, dropping by a restaurant and playing games in the park.

What if you could find only one shoe to cater all of the activities above?
You can browse numerous good suggestions from the link below:

> Kaikki vapaa-ajan jalkineet

For a laid-back hiking trip or for multiple but comfortable kilometers in the forest.

A lot of people go trekking in unnecessarily stiff boots in conditions (=easy terrain/ mild climate conditions), for which a lighter hiking shoe could actually make more sense.

Hiking and outdoor shoes fall somewhere in between trail running sneakers and hiking boots. Some models are closer to sneakers, while others are almost like lightweight hiking shoes.

Check the selection yourself, and you'll get a better idea of ​​what it's all about:

> Shoes for trekking and outdoor activities

> All hiking boots

And that's not all folks.
You will find a huge amount of quality equipment for a special summer SALE price. Check out our most popular offer products from the link below:

Speaking of offers and special prices, you should also take a look at these links:

See all the SALE items in our selection >

All outlet products >

Have a great summer weekend everyone and we'll be intouch again next week. We will then return with a slightly different agenda, although there will be great offers for sure -  that we can be promise already in advance.

Until next week, dear friends.

Kind Regards,


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