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Build your own vacation wherever you want

Midsummer celebrations are right around the corner and for many it means looking forward towards the holiday season where to enjoy the midnight sun and summer-scented forests - dream activities of every outdoor adventurer.

There are plenty of options for accommodating yourself in the wilderness: from Ultralight light camping facilities to luxurious camping with all the saunas and other fancy equipment.

This week we'll have a better look on Helsport's newest models for this season.

Adventure Lofoten for  2- and 3-persons
A superlight, practical tunnel tent that offers great space and a large front opening. All details are designed to make the tent as lightweight as possible. The tent takes up little space in the backpack, has an extra opening in the vestibule, and gives shelter on hikes in the mountains and forests.

The combination of one low and two high valves ensures a good indoor climate. Spacious interior volume and plenty of space for storing equipment in the vestibule make this tent a perfect companion. It is the perfect combination of low weight and good protection.

Campaign price starting from 764,15 € (incl. VAT 24%) (-15%)
616.25€ (VAT 0%)
Campaign price starting from 849,15 € (incl. VAT 24%) (-15%)
684.80€ (VAT 0%)

Explorer Pro Lofoten for  2- and 3-persons
Compared to the previous Adventure Lofoten, Explorer Pro is otherwise the same, but sturdier in terms of materials, designed for demanding conditions and generally year-round (4 season) use.

Durability and the higher water column value of the base have been achieved by e.g. by treating the bottom fabric with a polyurethane coating.
Despite all measures to improve durability, the 2 person's tent only adds 310g of weight, which is surprisingly little in the end.
Campaign price starting from 679,15 € (incl. VAT 24%) (-15%)
547.78€ (VAT 0%)

Campaign price starting from 764,15 € (incl. VAT 24%) (-15%)
616.25€ (VAT 0%)

In addition we have hundreds of other good choices for outdoor accommodation 
On the tents main page (enter the page from this link) you'll find a pretty good selection tool, where you can filter the abundance of the selection according to price, weight, brand and number of people/tent type. In addition, you will find very good comparisons of tents and other interesting information around the topic.

Check it out:  All tents and's great tent selector

In terms of enjoyable and restorative sleep, decent, high-quality sleeping bags, -pads, pillows and other blankets suitable particularly essential. Don't forget the sheets if necessary

We have very well put together selection guides and articles regarding products, of which we can recommend a guide in this context for choosing a sleeping bag and our article on  choosing a sleeping pad.


Hammocks have gained popularity among hikers. We are happy to offer a few different products where to choose from. You can find all the items related to hammocking below.

(NOTE: don't forget the tarps and any other necessary accessories).

A tarp is great for a day hiker as a rain cover for a snack break, as additional protection for a camper, a hammocker, and is generally a fun piece of equipment  to use as accommodation. TA Outdoors has made a great video where the 3x3 DD Hammocks tang folds into 15 different setups. Watch the video here and get inspired!

Towards the greatest outdoor summer of 2023

Welcome to the store live to browse the products on weekdays from 10 am to 8 pm, on Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm and on Sundays from 12 pm to 6 pm.

We wish you nice trips, great holidays and the best dreams outdoors

Kind regards

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