Slippery skis and non-slip shoes: current equipment for this weekend

Newsletter by / Toimisto-Jorma, 12.1.2023

Changing weather expected up here

Greetings from our headquarters of fun outdoor adventures!
We here at Helsinki are currently experiencing snow, rain, ice, slush in the best case all on the same day - or same hour.

So all the winter elements are here! If you want to ride high speed on snow, we have the right gear to offer. On the other hand, if you specifically want to be as stable as possible in a slippery outdoor environment we have you covered as well.

Let's start with anti-slip shoes.
There are many models of these great pieces of equipment for both running and general outdoor activities.

Finnish brand VJ Sport has declared that their footwear has the best grip on the planet. Try them and experience it for yourself.

Campaign price
 incl. VAT 24% 129.00 €  (-19%) 
VAT 0% 104.03 € 
Campaign price
incl. VAT 24% 129.00 € (-19%)
VAT 0% 104.03 € 

Our selection of studded and non-slip footwear is particularly extensive within the Icebug brand. You can find running shoes, sturdy shoes for overall outdoors, and stylish shoes with friction soles made in cooperation with Michelin for coasting around the city.
incl. VAT 24% 179.00 €
VAT 0% 144.35 € 
incl. VAT 24% 179.00 €
VAT 0% 144.35 €
incl. VAT 24% 179.90 €
VAT 0% 145.08 €
incl. VAT 24% 179.90 €
VAT 0% 145.08 €

Slide fast with these
We have a surprisingly nice selection of freeriding equipment: this newsletter had room for only a few of our most desirable free skis. But if interested in all our gear for amazing sport, have a look on our whole free skiing selection from this link.
Lets start with Black Crows.
The Ferox was born from the necessity of offering a bi-tip, double rocker, powder type touring ski which is still efficient on the edges. So, the objective is the powder and the sensation of floating on the snow. But the soul remains alpine to adapt to all conditions encountered while touring.

Campaign price
incl. VAT 24% 674.10 € (-21%)
VAT 0% 543.63 €

For die-hard fans of DPS we are happy to introduce e.g. the fantastic Pagoda Tour 90RP, which is perhaps the most versatile pair of lightweight skis.

Campaign price from
incl. VAT 24% 1045.39 € (-20%)
VAT 0% 843.06 €

This particular ski below, the Blizzard Zero G 95, was the choice of Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison, who conquered (and descended) the epic Himalayan Lhotse peak at 8516 meters.
If this is good for them guys for the job, we reckon they will suit everyone else as well for smooth riding!
Campaign price from
incl. VAT 24% 629.00 € (-9%)
VAT 0% 507.26 €

So: with all of this great inspiration we wish you all a great weekend regardless of the choice of sport you're planning for the days to come.

Enjoy the winter as it is only once a year!

Kind regards,


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