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Let it snow

A proper load of snow has fallen and now the time has finally come to seriously concentrate on all our favourite winter sports.

Snowshoeing is an easy and fun activity. If you can walk, you can also snowshoe. Whether you like to relax and admire wintry landscapes or have a more intense workout by jogging or running, it's many times more fun with snowshoes. Snowshoeing doesn't really require much of additional special equipment; your own proper winter shoes /hiking boots are good for the sport. If you like to go all in, gaiters will give your ankles and socks protection from snow  - poles will add power and support. That's all.

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Classic snowshoe in XL size.
Our most popular and most purchased snowshoe is the TSL 227.

The XL size is the right choice if the load to be floated is at least 70kg (including yourself and all additional weight you carry) At its maximum, the shoe promises to hold a 140-kilogram entity on top the snow. Note that snow composition has a significant effect on buoyancy.

Shoes from size 39 up to size 54 slip perfectly into these bindings.

Campaign price starting from 169.00 € (-11%)

The weight capacity of the M size snowshoe is 40-100 kg, so you can find a fair scope even in this smaller shoe.
An excellent choice if the size of the footwear used with the snowshoe is 35-47.
Campaign price starting from 169.00 € (-11%)

Tubbs' Flex VRT is a top-class snowshoe with a composite frame which is designed to be functional even in backcountry conditions. This snowshoe model is not lacking in special technical treats. The range of use is approx. 86kg (including the user and possible carriage). The recommended footwear size range is 40-47.

299.00 €

Designed especially for more petite snowshoers, the Flex RDG 22 is a snowshoe designed for versatile terrain with a very easy-to-use CustomWrap™ 2.0 -binding. The binding has a Boa® tightening system which enables convenient adjustment in the terrain while wearing your shoes on.

Floating capacity 36-73 kg including the weight of the snowshoer and possible carry load.

209.00 €

How to choose the right pole
A brief guide on choosing pole length for backcountry skiing and snowshoeing:

Backcountry skiing: With hard snow the length of the pole is calculated by multiplying the height of the user by a factor of 0.83. A 150 cm pole is therefore suitable for a 180 cm user. When skiing in slightly more immersive terrain, you can choose slightly longer poles.

Snowshoeing: The length of the pole is approximately 0.68 x your own length. However, when walking in deep snow, you should choose a pole at least 10 cm longer. For a 180cm user, the length of the stick would be 125-130cm. recommends:
BD's Traverse is a versatile aluminum adjustable pole for snowshoeing and downhill- or backcountry skiing. The FlickLock mechanism makes length adjustment easy and reliable.

The ergonomically shaped rubber extended grip holds the handle firmly even in steep conditions.

69.90 €

Best what a winter enthusiast may think of
Snowshoeing is fun and so is skiing. Oh if only these two favorite sports could somehow be combined - and they can be:
OAC Kar 147 is designed as a combination of a Nordic backcountry ski, telemark/touring ski, and a snowshoe.

Its broad width and steel edges make it equally at home on any type of snow, from hardpack to powder. Thanks to its short length, the KAR is super agile, allowing for turns in even the gnarliest of bushes and forests.

Campaign price 339.00 € (-19%)

In winter, a sled/pulk is a super handy for moving a load of stuff from one place ton another. ERAPro's orange classic is rare in the sense that it combines affordability, excellence and quality.

The sturdy structure made of frost-resistant polyethylene is designed for demanding use and for towing even a bit more heavier loads. In addition to hiking, this piece of equipment is also perfect for winter hunting and -fishing.

(NOTE: sled only. Ropes, shafts and harnesses to be purchased separately.)


Campaign price 55.00 € (-31%)

Great deal
We have put together a winning combo around our popular ERAPro sled. With this product package you can get everything you need at once. In addition, you can conveniently order the amount of ropes and bungee you need from the same product page. You'll even save a few dimes.

329.00 €

Take the kids along your next ski trip
The package includes a box with a heat-insulated mat, a protective cover, a windshield, a backrest, rollover guards, a towing harness and -shaft. Fjellpulken is a multiple test winner thanks to its very tough quality.
The Fjellpulken children's carrier has all the necessary features that guarantee your child's safety even on uneven and steep terrain.

899.00 €

Fjellpulken's X-Country is a classic and light, but still stable sled with a large capacity.

The width of the X-Country ensures that it moves easily and stably both on snow and and on top of ski tracks.

The sled can be pulled by a skier, a dog or a snowmobile. If the cart is pulled by a dog, the sled must be equipped with a brake system.

Have a beautiful weekend full of winter fun, we'll be again intouch next week.

Kind regards,


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