Congratulations to Finland

Newsletter by / Toimisto-Jorma, 1.12.2022

Birthday celebrations
105 years of independance on Monday 6.12.2022

In honour of our big day we have set up a cavalcade of Finnish outdoor treats of some of our favourite Finnish brands out of our selection.

There is a little bit of everything to cater different interests. The list is long and full of legends. It is wonderful to see and realize how much good stuff is innovated here up North.

Next Tuesday, December 6, 2022, our whole team will celebrate Finland's independance, which means that the store will be closed for the day.

Otherwise we are open normally on weekdays from 10 am to 8 pm, on Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm and on Sundays from 12 pm to 6 pm.

For climbing, mountain- and snow activities and Nordic skating. OAC's quality innovations sells themselves. 

The design and production of OAC products still takes place in Kangasala, Finland. The business is still run by the founders themselves.

Campaign price 349.00 € incl. VAT 24% (-17%) 
281.45 €VAT 0% (-17%) 
Campaign price 109.00 € incl. VAT 24%(-8%) 
87.90 €VAT 0% (-8%) 

An absolute pioneer in designing and manufacturing immersion suits and dry suits for diving in rough seas and demanding conditions: Ursuit Dry Suits - straight from Turku, Finland.

Directly close by Turku city center the suits are cut, compiled, glued and sewn together and tested for all water beasts who appreciate safety and comfort.
1149.00 € incl. VAT 24%
926.61 €VAT 0%
1989.00 € incl. VAT 24%
1604.03 €VAT 0%

Savotta's saga of success began with gloves and backpacks more than 60 years ago. The story continues today specialized in the manufacturing of backpacks, rucksacks and tents, as well as related accessories.

Savotta's main idea has always been:
"Let's do better than others." and "Let's make it last!"
We don't think we have anything to add to this.
from 319.00 € incl. VAT 24%
from 257.26 €VAT 0%

34.90 € incl. VAT 24%
28.15€VAT 0%

Suunto started their world conquest for over 80 years ago when developing the first liquid-filled compass suitable for mass production.
Well, we all know what has happened since that time.

The compasses are still excellent, and they always will be. In addition, Suunto specializes in designing and producing various precision instruments for diving, navigation and sports.
A Finnish success story, say.
659.00 € incl. VAT 24%
531.45€VAT 0%

23.90 € incl. VAT 24%
VAT 0%

All Suunto -products

The small village of Harmoinen is the capital center for handicrafts, and nurses the headquarters of Roselli's puukko -knives. Roselli is known for its beautiful and finished, personalized knives and uniquely high-quality steel.

The idea for the knife was born out of Heimo Roselli's own need to get a tool that better suits the purpose. Later manufacturing became more entrepreneurial and here it is - great products that represent stunning craftsmanship and create beautiful functional tools.
119.00 € incl. VAT 24%
95.97€VAT 0%

149.00 € incl. VAT 24%
120.16 €VAT 0%

From Harmoinen up North to the capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi.
Janne Marttiini originally founded a knife business to Rovaniemi in 1928. It has been a long time since, but the traditions still stay. 

Famous knives both in Finland and abroad: and for a reason. These are simply excellent and traditionally stylish tools.

24.90 € incl. VAT 24%
20.08 €VAT 0%

118.90 € incl. VAT 24%
95.89 €VAT 0%

South of Finland hosts a traditional history of welding since the mid-17th century, and everything is still going strong. 

Fiskars products are still known as legendary tools among legendary wood choppers and other -chippers. 

79.90 € incl. VAT 24%

64.44 €VAT 0%

40.00 € incl. VAT 24%
32.26 €VAT 0%

Jokipiin Pellava serves the best linen products with a mandate of more than a hundred years of existence.
The company is currently going with the third generation of the same family who is responsible foroperating the business. recommends favoring natural fibers - we have chosen the Jokipiin Pellava Linen Roll Towel, which is a very suitable piece of equipment on hiking trips or wherever you like to go with a towel. The towel folds into a compact size and stays firmly on the roll with a special fastening loop. 

The material of the roll towel is a mixture of linen and cotton, which guarantees the absorbency and softness. It works efficiently and yet the towel dries very quickly. Wonderful product. Available in seven different earthy colors.
Choose a microplastic-free option.
269.00 € incl. VAT 24%
216.94 €VAT 0%

69.00 € incl. VAT 24%
55.65 €VAT 0%


The word Kupilka has its roots in Karelia, where the old folks used the word KUPILKA to describe a small cup where to hold hot drinks and where to warm cold hands around. Made of sustainable yet heavy-duty, dishwasher proof material Kupilka is a true example of Finnish design.
32.90 € incl. VAT 24%
26.53 €VAT 0%

Sakke Yrjölä is an incredible fisherman, nature lover and one of Finland's lead artist and graphic designer.
7.90 € incl. VAT 24%

21.90 € incl. VAT 24%


Inspired by Finland's beautiful nature, artist Teemu Järvi captures the mood and form perfectly in his artwork.

You'll find Teemu Järvi's wonderful Illustrations on cards and posters.
14.90 €  incl. VAT 24%

Under the wide-ranging Muurikka brand that has been developed for extensive leisure outdoor use, you will find high-quality products for versatile cooking in the backyard, at the cottage and on a trip. 
Probably the best stuff money can buy.

We would like to list ourselves also to this respectable group of spectacular Finns.

Back in the year 2004 a small online store selling special sports equipment was set up by five outdoor-life loving friends.

Celebrating our 18th birthday, there is over thirty times more like-minded outdoor lovers still including the fabulous five guys who found the business down in their basement a long time ago.

Happy Finland's 105th Independence Day to everyone. 
Perhaps the sweetest way to celebrate the event is to go see how it looks like outside and have a fun day with your favourite outdoor sports. 

NOTE On Independence Day, Tuesday 6.12.2022 the store is closed, otherwise we normally serve 10-20 on weekdays, 10-18 on Saturdays and 12-18 on Sundays

Kind regards staff


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