Shells for hiding from the rain

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It's a rainy day

Autumn traditionally brings rain and cooler air. Based on experience, we bet that this will happen this year as well.

One thing that worries most outdoor enthusiasts is clothing: what to wear on what would be the right amount of layers. A well-thought-out outdoor wardrobe is absolutely a key to comfort. Rab's excellent, carefully thought out and curated collection combines products you can easily mix and match to cater all weathers from summer rain to extreme expeditions.

In this message we present perhaps the most up-to-date shell clothing and light insulating layers, which you can use to create a pretty well-adjustable ensemble for the beginning of autumn and beyond.

The RAB Kangri GTX Jacket has both men's and women's cut models. Kangri is a 3-layer waterproof shell jacket that is suitable for year-round use, both for everyday outdoor activities and truly challenging conditions.

The strong 70-denier Gore-Tex membrane keeps you dry even under the heaviest rains, and the outer fabric of the jacket consists of recycled material.

369.00 € incl VAT 24%
297.58 € VAT 0%
369.00 € incl VAT 24%
297.58 € VAT 0%

The RAB Downpour Eco Waterproof Jacket is a 2.5-layer shell jacket made of recycled materials. Perfect for hiking and other outdoor activities in a rainy weather. Due to its stylish appearance, it's a great choice for the slushy sleet weathers in the city.

The Downpour Eco jacket has been designed in a progressive way so that in the future when the processes develop, it will be possible to recycle the jacket in its entirety again.

139.90 € incl VAT 24%
112.82 € VAT 0%

139.90 € incl VAT 24%
112.82 € VAT 0%


The RAB Cirrus Flex 2.0 Hoody is a lightly padded jacket for active people. In a cooler weather the jacket works as a comfortable warming layer on top of a shirt, and thanks to its adaptability, it also fits nicely as an mid-layer in colder conditions under a shell jacket. This lightweight jacket features breathable fleece panels and a 100% recycled Primaloft Silver Luxe synthetic lining.

159.00 € incl VAT 24%
128.23 € VAT 0%

159.00 € incl VAT 24%
128.23 € VAT 0%

> Clearance priced Cirrus Flex 2.0 for ladies from 122.65€ (-23%)


Designed and made in Finland

The Northern Lite Rain skirt
is perhaps the decade's most anticipated innovation in the rainwear market.

The genius of the rain skirt lies in its ease of wear, convenience and lightness. It is easy to put on when it starts to drizzle and take off when the rain stops meanwhile wearing your favourite and most comfortable outdoor pants. 

The rain skirt therefore overtakes the need for the use of shell pants or rain trousers: hiking and outdoor activities in shell pants can be quite a grueling experience. With a rain skirt, you can wonder and hike anywhere in your pants of choice, and when it starts to rain/drizzle, you can cleverly pull the skirt to cover your pants and enjoy keeping your clothes dry.

The user experience remains fresh because the skirt does not let you sweat even with vigorous movement - moisture is ventilated quite naturally and by itself through the hem of the skirt.

starting from 79.90 € incl VAT 24%
64.44 € VAT 0%

Enjoy the autumn weather either on the woods, fells or in the city, dressing in layers according to the weather and climatic conditions. Our four seasons are something to appreciate, and let's focus on enjoying one of the TOP 4: the refreshing, cooling and colourful autumn.

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Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Regards, team


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