Hunting- and outdoor season at it's best

Newsletter by / Toimisto-Jorma, 15.9.2022

It's that time of year

The time has come that hundreds of thousands of wilderness enthusiasts collect their backpacks and other gear and rush off to the wilderness.

Autumn weather is known to be variable and the types of hunts are diverse. For this reason, it is extremely important that the hunter is properly dressed as required by the situation and the weather. The best news is that we have an impressive selection of hunting equipment from where you'll surely find the best pieces of equipment for any activity you are planning to do.

There are jackets with and without a membrane to choose from: Tweed jackets, wax jackets and warm winter jackets. 
Even though the jackets below can be found in the product category "hunting jackets", you don't have to wear them to hunt: these work fantastically when foraging, bird watching or just general outdoors.

369.00 €  incl VAT 24% 
297.58 € VAT 0%

279.00 € incl VAT 24% 
225.00 € VAT 0%

329.00 € incl VAT 24% 
265.32 € VAT 0%

Pants according to style and need

Härkila's Angus pants are a legend - they are so heavy duty that if you manage to wear out the Angus pants with normal active use, you are entitled for a prize.

We'd also like to point out Fjällräven's classic hunting pant, Drev.
The pants are made of durable G-1000 Silent -fabric and stretch straps at the knees and waist increase mobility.

399.00 € incl VAT 24% 
321.77 € VAT 0%

199.00 € incl VAT 24% 
160.48 € VAT 0%

Old school elegance
Breeks are a timeless and stylish classic garment that should belong in every hunter's wardrobe. Look smart at the range, at a hunting- or after hunt event or at other related activities.

165.00 € incl VAT 24% 
133.06 € VAT 0%

There is still plenty of time to make purchases bearing October in mind. The elk hunting season is coming in a few weeks so make sure that you have all the proper high vizibility products you need for a safe hunting event. 

Campaign price 159.00 € (-27%) incl VAT 24% 
128.23 € VAT 0%

Our hunting department is open just like the rest of the store: weekdays from 10 am to 8 pm, Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm and Sundays from 12 pm to 6 pm.

We welcome you to check out the latest products, news and novelties regarding hunting. You will be taken good care by our hunting experts:
Tony, Ilkka, Matti and Benjamin.

We wish everyone wonderful experiences for the current autumn, whether it is hunting, foraging or forest yoga. The most important thing is to go to the woods and enjoy life however you choose.

Until next week with other outdoor topics!

Kind regards,


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