Autumn's best sale extravaganza!

Newsletter by / Toimisto-Jorma, 5.9.2022

Falling towards fall

The temperature cooled down immediately when entering September and that's actually a good thing; crispy air gives outdoor activities a fresh feeling and you don't sweat so terribly when you are on the move.

Whether you are planning a forest trip that lasts for an hour, a day or the whole week, the pleasant experience of the trip will be enhanced by the appropriate equipment.

SPECIAL DEAL: Until Thursday 8.9.2022 6:00 a.m. (UTC+3)we celebrate autumn with -15% discounts. The discounts apply to a really wide range of our products. The campaign is valid online and in store.

Among thousands of other awesome pieces of equipment, you'll find the popular Fjällräven Vardag anorak in many colors on a special price:

Campaign price 160.65 € (-15%)  incl VAT 24% 
129.56 € VAT 0%

Campaign price 160.65 € (-15%)  incl VAT 24% 
129.56 € VAT 0%

A lot of hiking footwear -15% off - some shoes have even significantly more discount.

Campaign price 211.65 € (-15%)  incl VAT 24% 
170.69 € VAT 0%

Campaign price 211.65 € (-15%)  incl VAT 24% 
170.69 € VAT 0% 

The best backpacks and rucksacks from the most popular brands: You'll find a variety of packs in different sizes, colors and models, e.g. From Osprey, Fjällräven, Deuter, etc., etc.

Campaign price 115.52 € (-15%)  incl VAT 24% 
93.16 € VAT 0%

Campaign price 127.42 € (-15%)  incl VAT 24% 
102.76 € VAT 0%

If we have to single out one item from our extensive selection of sleeping bags, it would definitely be the multi-purpose RAB's Ascent 700. If winter camping is in mind, the operating temperature of this bag can be stretched by using a decent inner liner, or you should switch to the wonderfully plush and warm RAB Ascent 1100 sleeping bag.

Campaign price starting from 237.15 € (-15%)  incl VAT 24% 
191.25 € VAT 0%

Jetboil's liter-sized Flash 2.0 is fast as a flash. Boiling water is ready in a jiffy! Special thanks for economical gas consumption as well.

Campaign price 107.10 € (-15%)  incl VAT 24% 
86.37 € VAT 0%

Quality equipment makes your otdoor experience excellent. Even more awesome is that you can shop them now until Thursday morning with excellent autumn discounts. Discount prices are valid in store and online.

Welcome to visit our store:
Malminkartanontie 1, 00390 Helsinki FINLAND
We are open weekdays 10-20, Saturdays 10-18, and Sundays 12-18.

The telephone and e-mail customer service is open on weekdays from 9-17 and on Saturdays from 10-14 at 09 454 0707,
(All times UTC+3 / Helsinki time)

We wish you wonderful autumn outdoor experiences for the coming season

Kind regards's customer service


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