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Open water swimming is especially popular here in our land of thousands of lakes and 46 200 km of sea shore (including isalnds) it's guaranteed that you'll find some nice waters to swim as long as you dare to dip in.  

GREAT NEWS:  until the end of July 2022, swimming gear has been set at extremely good offer prices. A large part of our swimming equipment basks in -15% prices.

The water is now at its warmest. However, the suit lets you spend a longer time in the water. With a wetsuit for swimming you'll also extend the open water swimming season significantly towards the end of the year (and you'll be able to start the swimming season early on time when spring arrives again.)

 Read more about open water swimming on our blog >

A few suit recommendations for the day:
• Orca Athlex Float is an even more sophisticated and updated version of Orca's legendary S7 -suit. This wetsuit combines impressive buoyancy and top flexibility which makes it a trusted friend even for the most fierce triathlon beast.

• Orca Open Water, on the other hand is a basic quality wetsuit specifically for swimming. It's also good for triathlon competitions, especially shorter distances. Thanks to the orange sleeves, the suit offers excellent visibility and keeps you safe during open water training.

Campaign price 237.15 € (incl VAT 24%) (-15%)

191.25 € (VAT 0%)

Campaign price 169.15 € (incl VAT 24%) (-15%)
136.41 € (VAT 0%)

Isn't swimming alone enough for you?
Swimrun is an extremely fun form of sport, where swimming- and running sections vary. The idea is that there is not changing of suits in between and the whole show is performed with wearing one suit only.

In Swimrun suits running is also taken into account and for swimming thighs are offered a little extra buoyancy. All the seams are made with care so that they disturb as little as possible while running.

Campaign price 169.15 € (incl VAT 24%) (-15%)
136.41 € (VAT 0%)

Campaign price 169.15 € (incl VAT 24%) (-15%)
136.41 € (VAT 0%)


If you're heading towards the ocean waves to swim seriously swimming goggles are a must. Open water goggles differ from ordinary pool goggles in that they have e.g. a wider field of vision and they are slightly larger in terms of size. 
Note, that you can swim with these very well in a pool also.
Campaign price 45.82 € (incl VAT 24%) (-15%)
36.98 € (VAT 0%)

Campaign price alkaen 29.67 € (incl VAT 24%) (-15%)
23.93€ (VAT 0%)

A hood is a very practical addition to open water swimming equipment. Not only does the head not get cold (which is really a problem especially in cool weather), your hair stays in order, many of these open water caps are also brightly colored so you'll be better visible to other people while swimming.

Campaign price 29.67 € (incl VAT 24%) (-15%)
23.93€ (VAT 0%)

Campaign price 25.42 € (incl VAT 24%) (-15%)
20.50€ (VAT 0%)


With a swimming fin, you can get a harder leg workout or a fun and fast-paced session for a change. Choose the size to a snug fit.
The size is to be chosen in respect of your shoe size. If you're between sizes usually the smaller size is better in swimming fins.

Campaign price 25.42 € (incl VAT 24%) (-15%)
20.50€ (VAT 0%)

Campaign price 25.42 € (incl VAT 24%) (-15%)
20.50€ (VAT 0%)


All kinds of swimming training equipment.
There are kickboards, paddles, pull buoys, posture correctors, front snorkels, decelerators, pacers, lap counters etc.
Campaign price 33.07 € (incl VAT 24%) (-15%)
26.67€ (VAT 0%)
Campaign price 10.12 € (incl VAT 24%) (-15%)
8.16€ (VAT 0%)

Campaign price 13.52 € (incl VAT 24%) (-15%)
10.90€ (VAT 0%)

Campaign price 19.47 € (incl VAT 24%) (-15%)

15.70€ (VAT 0%)

Swimming aid, float and dry bag for swimmers and triathletes
The float supports your weight. It is simple, effective and improves safety. Thanks to the bright color options, the swimmer is more visible in the water.
You can take keys or a wallet in the bag, for example. 
(However, we recommend storing valuables in a separate waterproof bag in addition of being inside the buoy.)

The buoy attaches to the hip with a strap and is easy to carry.
Buoys are available in PVC plastic and TPU fabric.

Campaign price 42.42 € (incl VAT 24%) (-15%)
34.21€ (VAT 0%)

Campaign price 58.65 € (incl VAT 24%) (-15%)
47.30€ (VAT 0%)

And that's not all folks.
You should definately browse our extensive selection of swimwear; there are also some really good offers available.

In addition to all our great summer sale campaigns we have also reduced our delivery prices abroad. More than fair!

We'll get back next week with other interesting outdoor topics. Have safe and fun swimming adventures until then!

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