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Johan A. 12.11.2021
Overall rating
nice jacket and well-sewn. the size of good and the arms long enough.
Anonymous 11.10.2021
Overall rating
When I first put on my jacket, it was as if an English lord had reached out to my shoulder. All in all, a first-class product with the advantages of wool: warmth, breathability and a pleasant skin feel. However, it differs from Finnish sweaters and socks in the fineness of the material. The jacket lacks the roughness and unfinishedness that is found in many hunting clothes, even if the product is so-called. branded product. Works with and without a little jacket; in the forest or in a rural setting. I guess you could go for this in this city as well, its own use focuses on outdoor activities. Small details carefully thought out: pocket locations, inner sleeves and cuffs, lining, etc. The color looks darker in nature than in the pictures, which appear mainly in yellow. I didn’t make the purchase decision many times because of this, but now I tried. It may be worth mentioning that the color tones differ to some extent from the images on the web pages. Well, I’m happy with mine and the color goes well with the wool pants. I recommend.
Johan A. 9.11.2021
Overall rating
good size, ample arm length on the jacket. The garment is well sewn and feels better than my old tweed jacket from Laksen. Jah has bought Jacket, knickers, cap,