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Teemu T. 23.12.2020
Overall rating
Suitable for someone who knows what this product is like and how it benefits itself. I couldn’t bear to start taping similar cheap space blankets so I ordered even though the price was pretty tough. However, there is space in this bag. I am satisfied with the purchase. I usually handle the goods with care so I’m not afraid of breaking and a few holes won’t ruin the product yet, at least for my use. There is enough tape in the world. For me, bivy's friend tarp. Better than a bad raincoat that weighs more. even in a suitable or too small sleeping bag it is not always good to sleep and the cloth big again unnecessarily heavy and the tent too heavy to carry. There are many kinds of ideas, and everything works. I only hike in the summer and early autumn, in the Finnish summer I can do quite fairly with verme as long as the other clothes are on the bone. Everything starts with good wool socks. Lapland is then a separate matter, all in due course.