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Lumonite Air2, 2231 lm

Lumonite Air2, 2231 lm

Lumonite Air2, 2231 lm
Lumonite Air2, 2231 lm



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Product description
Lumonite Air is a compact high power headlamp designed for demanding sports and work use. It provides constant 2000+ lumen output without power drop in a compact size and super light weight, making it a great pick for orienteers and workmen. This totally new version has longer throw, better power, new Slimcore battery and longer warranty.

Lumonite Air’s combination beam illuminates the entire field of vision simultaneously. Its spot extends all the way up to 260 meters, and its wide flood effortlessly illuminates the nearby terrain as well as the map when orienteering. The Air lamp can be also fitted directly onto a bike’s handlebar, without any separate clamps. Therefore, the product is perfectly suited as such for the most demanding mountain bikers too.

The purpose of the product was to create a light as a feather but still powerful lamp for sports and long term work use. The objective was a super compact device, which will illuminate at a power of over 2000 real lumen uninterruptedly for a minimum of 2 hours. As a result, we can can proudly introduce an amazing combination of performance and comfort - Lumonite Air2. The ergonomic headband, light weight and low center of mass makes carrying Air totally effortless and unnoticable even in the bumpiest rides.

The lamp is powered by Slimcore 50 li-ion battery, which can be attached to – besides a pocket – a belt or bicycle bar with included multipurpose Slimholder. A perfectly fitting battery vest is found amongst the accessories. Slimcore 50 battery is equipped with a 5 step voltage indicator where the battery level can be checked at any time by pressing a separate button.The cells are covered with sturdy aluminum housing.

The Intelligent Power Management system does not let you down when the battery runs out, as the Air continues to illuminate at approximately 175 lumens for several hours before the light finally goes out all the way.

Package contains:
  • Lumonite DX2000 lamp
  • Lumonite DX2000 lamp protective cover
  • Lumonite Flexlinks (large and small)
  • Lumonite Slimcore 50 lithium ion battery
  • Lumonite Slimholder battery mount & accessories
  • Lumonite D-wall network charger (EU)
  • Lumonite DXEC50 extension cable, 50 cm
  • Lumonite Ergo headband
  • Lumonite Air manual
  • Lumonite DX soft case
  • Power output: 2231 lm (Labsphere FL2 -laboratory tested real lumens)
  • Beam distance: 260 m
  • Beam: Combination
  • Battery: Lumonite Slimcore 50, 49,7Wh / 14,4V
  • Charging time: 2 h
  • Operating Modes: 4
  • IP rating: Lamp IPX6, Battery IPX4
  • Color temperature: 6500K
  • Lamp dimensions: 44 x 56 x 39 mm
  • Lamp weight: without cable 68 g, with cable 73 g
  • Battery dimensions: 76 x 90 x 25 mm
  • Battery weight: 257 g
  • Warranty: Lamp 60 months, Charger 24 months, Battery 12 months
  • Max 2000+ lm / 260 m / 2:30 h
  • High 1300 lm / 190 m / 4:00 h
  • Medium 400 lm / 100 m / 13:00 h
  • Low 175 lm / 60 m / 30:00 h

Energy source
Rechargeable battery

IP Classification

Max output
2200 lumen

1.09 kg (Includes the weight of the sales package if present)

12 month(s)

Anonymous 31.1.2021
Overall rating
Air2 met expectations. Perfect for mountain biking and all kinds of other activities in the dark. Minus the length of the cord, which is not enough for the back pocket of the filler jacket when the lamp is attached to the helmet. Battery life is quite adequate. The smallest powers are enough for mountain biking, so there is time for a long run. The maximum power seemed good in the wet forest, in the snowfall the maximum feels like an exaggeration.
Erkka N. 14.12.2020
Overall rating
Really good quality and bright, battery life, I have been very satisfied. The small disadvantages come from the "need" to buy accessories, the basic package contains quite a few necessary components. The cord for the battery should also be a little longer.
Antti K. 19.11.2020
Overall rating
Very good light output, battery life is really good and the lamp is really light! Big recommendation!
Tuomas P. 27.10.2020
Overall rating
A qualified device in terms of both light output and ergonomics. Different light intensities are convenient for optimizing the operating time for different applications. The only small inconvenience has been that the strap going behind the neck easily disengages completely from the strap lock, which adjusts the length of the strap when closed. Thus, the strap comes off between uses when storing the lamp and putting it on again.
Erkki B. 2.12.2019
Better than its predecessors. Wide beam, does not heat up. Sits well on the head.
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