The Lumonite story began in Finland, where long and harsh winters create extreme conditions for lighting. In our former multibrand e-shop specialized in portable lighting solutions, we searched, tested and sold hundreds of light products, from countless different suppliers, from all over the world. We managed to notice that the best qualities of lamp aren’t always inclined to be put into the same product. If any of the lights were efficient, then they probably lacked the required simplicity. If another lamp was durable and easy to use, then its performance was probably well below par. On the basis of the feedback given to us over the years and through our own experience, a picture began to emerge, showing us which qualities are required from lights in different situations. We collected experience from hobby, as well as professional surroundings, in order to find the correct products for our product range. The Finnish Lumonite-products are designed so that anyone is able to use them.

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