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Fjällräven Bergtagen 38

Fjällräven Bergtagen 38

Fjällräven Bergtagen 38
Fjällräven Bergtagen 38
Fjällräven Bergtagen 38
Fjällräven Bergtagen 38
Fjällräven Bergtagen 38
Fjällräven Bergtagen 38
Fjällräven Bergtagen 38
Fjällräven Bergtagen 38
Fjällräven Bergtagen 38
Fjällräven Bergtagen 38
Fjällräven Bergtagen 38
Fjällräven Bergtagen 38



Fjällräven Bergtagen 38 Hokkaido Orange (208)
Hokkaido Orange (208)
Fjällräven Bergtagen 38 Mountain Blue (570)
Mountain Blue (570)


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Location Store (Helsinki): Trekking, Warehouse

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Product description

Technical backpack for those who prefer a life above the treeline. It has Fjällräven’s unique wooden frame that – along with the top lid and hip belt – can easily be removed. The adaptability means you can have a more supportive pack for long approaches and a lighter, more flexible one for technical treks and summit attempts. Made from Fjällräven's waterproof Bergshell fabric with 100% recycled nylon and innovative, flat ripstop that is exceptionally abrasion-resistant.

  • Designed for comfort, flexibility and reliability in the mountains.
  • Supportive carrying system with fixed back length and wooden frame.
  • Waterproof, durable Bergshell fabric with 100% recycled nylon.
  • Easy to adapt with removable top lid, wooden frame and hip belt.
  • Attachment points for ice axes, skis and other equipment.

Material: Bergshell®: 400D 100% polyamide
Height: 54 cm
Width: 28 cm
Depth: 17 cm
Adjustable back length: No
Min. back length: 41 cm
Max. back length: 47 cm
Volume: 38 l
Weight: 1540 g
Rain cover included: Yes

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 600 x 400 x 150 mm.

Men, women

1.6 kg (with sales package 2.00 kg)

38 Liters

24 month(s)

Bjarne K. 21.7.2022
Overall rating
Stable and good backpack to carry!
Sami K. 8.4.2022
Overall rating
Based on a couple of short day trips, the backpack looks really high quality. The shoulder straps and hip belt fit well. The top pocket works just for a small item / snack, but I would miss the outside pocket a bit, which would fit a drink bottle, for example. Size M / L, my length is 176cm (back length is about S / M max and M / L min). Thus, the lower back support may seem a little too low at first. It remains to be seen on longer trips how well this size will finally fit me.
Anonymous 22.11.2021
Overall rating
Great product
Jacques K. 19.6.2021
Overall rating
I ordered this pack, because I wanted some specific features, that my Kajka 65L and my Kaipak 28L does not have. That is for example the strip of fastening band down each side on the front, smaller size but still capable, straps that can fold neatly (all of them) and the double center iceaxe tip holder. Well, I chose an orange one for visibility and I must say it's screaming bright strong orange. Very visible and very nice too. Because of lockdown, I haven't been up in the mountains yet, but I am loading it up, small or big, and using it for many other trips. A small gripe is that the lower back cushion and the backplate in general, is too stiff and is a bit uncomfortable. Other than that it's very comfortable to carry wit or without load. Hipbelt works well. The pack is very sleek and does not catch tree branches, rocks etc. So far it's been totally rainproof. I have found the snap locks and the single snap for the detachable toplid easy an quick to use, also with one hand. There are some small pull flaps to aid opening and closure, which works well, and I think Fjällräven could benefit by adding these to the rest of their packs. Mine is M/L size and fits my long back. All in all, a very thought through midi pack that is made for climbing mountains and much more. I highly recommend Bergtagen 38 Liters. Kind regards, Jacques Keller
Anton L. 19.2.2020
Overall rating
Simple, functional structure, high quality materials.
Anonymous 8.6.2019
Overall rating
A valid "big daypack" or "little backpack". With modern compact equipment, this can accommodate even a few days' equipment, and the stability is sufficient for even heavier loads. However, removable parts such as a wooden frame, top flap and hip belt allow the same backpack to be significantly lightened.
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