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Primus PrimeTech Pot Set 1.3L

Primus PrimeTech Pot Set 1.3L

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Product description

Very effective pot for the camping stove The idea behind our PrimeTech pots is efficiency, the camping stove should be able to take advantage of every gram of fuel. They are suitable for hikers that want a lighter backpack, only want to wait a short period of time for the water to boil and want to enjoy more of nature. Thanks to an integrated heat exchanger on the bottom of the saucepan, the efficiency will increase by 50% compared to traditional pans. This means that water boils faster and fuel lasts longer. This in turn means that you can carry less fuel, which is good for both your wallet, your back, and the environment.

The PrimeTech pot is made of hard anodised aluminum, which has good heat distribution and does not rust. It also has a ceramic non-stick coating on the inside, which facilitates the cooking and cleaning. The second pot is made of hard anodised aluminum, with a traditional design without heat exchanger. Both of the pots are 1.3 liters, good for 1-3 people. A transparent lid in Tritan® with an integrated strainer and heat-resistant silicone handles which make it easier to take care of certain tasks such as pouring pasta water. The smart gripping tongs are as steady as a fixed handle and flexible as a conventional gripper and can be locked in the pan for easy and safe handling.
  • A PrimeTech pot with a heat exchanger and non-stick coating
  • Quick cooking time and low fuel consumption
  • A natural anodised aluminum pot
  • Self-locking tongs
  • Enough for 1-3 people
  • Optimised for all of our stoves
  • Comes with a storage bag

Height: 10,8 cm
Volume: 1,3 l
Weight: 524 g
Diameter: 17.8 cm

Gas included: No
Material: Ceramic Nonstick Coating, Hard Anodised Aluminum, Silicone, Tritan

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 250 x 250 x 150 mm.

Aluminium (hard-anodized), Aluminum non-stick coating

0,342 kg
(with sales package 0,5 kg)

1,3 liters

12 month(s)

Country of origin

Veijo H. verified buyer, 18.4.2023
Overall rating
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I've been able to try the burner a few times already. After initial training, use is easy. The sound of the burner is even annoyingly loud, but on the other hand, it's also good for knowing that the device is on. After freezing (-14 degrees) it was difficult to get it to burn well. I had to turn off and clean the nozzle, there was condensed water that froze (dreadful morning task in cold air).
Mattias V. verified buyer, 31.3.2023
Translated by GoogleShow original
Haven't had time to test it yet but the first impression is good.
Juho H. verified buyer, 24.11.2022
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Excellent pot set.
Anonymous verified buyer, 14.11.2022
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
I bought it to boil water faster than with regular pots - it works. The water boils quickly and the heat spreads evenly to the entire bottom, which you can see from the fact that the boiling starts from almost the entire area of the pot and not just where the bulb is. The non-stick coating is also really non-stick, at least when new. The cover is also convenient: a smart hole for the handle, which is a bit of a squib, but does its job well.
Jouni R. verified buyer, 26.9.2022
Overall rating
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Good cooking power and locking tongs are quite handy. Although, the grip of the pliers could perhaps be firmer. The pots fit neatly inside each other. The insulation of the protective bag enables stewing without keeping the pot on the stove, but then there should be two lids. verified buyer, 18.6.2019
Overall rating
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I am still waiting for my trip to Lapland so that the boilers can get into real action, but good-sized safos for 1-2 people and light carry.
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