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Primus Spider Stove/Express Spider Multifuel Kit

Primus Spider Stove/Express Spider Multifuel Kit

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This Multifuel Kit transforms your Spider Stove Set or Express Sprider Stove to a multifuel stove. This kit is compatabile with newer Spider gas stoves purchased within the last year (from 2013). This upgrade gives you the option of using liquid fuel including, naphtha fuel and lead-free petrol, and , in case of emergencies, even kerosene. The kit contains a 0.35-litre fuel bottle, an ErgoPump, a multi-tool with a cleaning needle and jet nipples. A practical storage bag is included.

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 180 x 250 x 100 mm.

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Sauli K. verified buyer, 14.10.2023
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I want to expand camping to all seasons, but at first I will proceed moderately with purchases. Last winter's experience with a gas cooker freezing even in small areas made me think about a suitable step forward. I found this one where the idea is to turn a Primus Spider gas cooker into a multi-burner cooker for a reasonable extra cost. The installation was not successful according to the included instructions. I immediately posted feedback about it and now the matter has to be resolved by the importer. However, I got the cooker to run on gasoline. Here are the first experiences: In the tests, I again heated 1 liter of cold water to boiling. Observations: - Fuel consumption is perhaps a little more with gasoline than with gas. The difference was 18g with gasoline, 14g with gas. - The kettle is amazingly quiet, I was expecting something completely different. Many gas cookers are really loud. - There will be a couple of new phases with gasoline: Initial heating and controlled shutdown. I'm still learning about the latter 😉. - Water boils faster with gasoline than with gas. I wouldn't have guessed that either. With gas, you could boil a liter of water in 9 minutes, but with gasoline it only took 5.5 minutes. And the colder the weather, the better gasoline does for gas. - With regular clean small engine gasoline, things are not quite clean inside, but quite restrained odors and others. Gasoline also does not soot the boiler. Not the craziest purchase! Sufficient for my needs at this point. P.S. The picture shows a temporary 'wrong' installation. The support iron pointing to the right points in the exact opposite direction.

Anonymous verified buyer, 27.1.2023
Overall rating
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It was not delivered complete, otherwise the set is fine.
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