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Mares Wahoo Mask+Snorkel Set

Mares Wahoo Mask+Snorkel Set

Mares Wahoo Mask+Snorkel Set
Mares Wahoo Mask+Snorkel Set

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Product description
The Wahoo Combo is the snorkeling solution consisting of a mask and snorkel for adults. It combines the Wahoo mask with the Fiji snorkel with anti-splash technology. A great quality combination for long snorkeling sessions. The Wahoo mask has a soft, comfortable silicone face piece and an elastic strap attached to the face piece. The slide system adjustment makes the mask very easy to use.

This snorkel mask allows for a wide range of vision.

The Fiji snorkel is a snorkel with semi-dry top and anti-splash technology. The snorkel holder is sliding, and the structure is ergonomic, with a corrugated tube and silicone mouthpiece. The bottom drain valve allows to empty the snorkel easily.
  • Wahoo mask ergonomic, sturdy, easy to wear, great vision
  • Fiji snorkel with silicone mouthpiece, drain valve, easy to use
How to use Combo Wahoo:
Mask Instructions:
- Lay the mask over your face, stretch the headband over the back of your head.
- Pull on the ends of the headband so that the mask fits snugly over your face. If you pulled too much, release the headband using the buckles, then readjust accordingly.
- To remove the mask safely, loosen the headpiece using the buckles and return it to the front of your face.
- When entering the water from the boat, keep the mask close to the face and hold it with one hand. The dive should not be headfirst or face down first.
- Blow through your nose if you feel the mask pressed against your face by water pressure.
- If the lenses fog up, treat the inside surface of the lenses with an anti-fog solution and rinse with water.

Snorkel Instructions:
- The snorkel allows you to breathe when swimming near surface, without having to lift your head out of the water.
- Attach the snorkel holder clip to the head of the mask so that the snorkel stays to your left.
- Place the snorkel in your mouth, breathing normally in gentle fashion.
- If you feel water inside the snorkel, squeeze your mouth slightly and blow vigorously to empty it.

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 400 x 200 x 100 mm.

Men, unisex, women

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12 month(s)

Petri T. verified buyer, 11.9.2023
Overall rating
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A working product. Light after a dive from empty water and the snorkel's wave protection worked great. Good visibility with the mask, and remained very fog-free.

Minna V. verified buyer, 16.6.2022
Overall rating
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Suitable for face, do not leak. Seem good quality.
Henrik K. verified buyer, 28.2.2019
Overall rating
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works very well. sitting well away does not fog or leak. I can recommend.
Jarno T. verified buyer, 23.3.2019
Translated by GoogleShow original
A high-quality mask that fits well on the face. Half a cent wider than the old Mares Opera mask, ie it is suitable for a normal face. High-speed tensioners. The set comes with a carrying bag with a carrying handle.
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