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OAC Wap 127 UC + EA Binding

OAC Wap 127 UC + EA Binding

OAC Wap 127 UC + EA Binding
OAC Wap 127 UC + EA Binding
OAC Wap 127 UC + EA Binding

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Product description

Combining the ease-of-use of a snowshoe, with the enjoyment and speed of a ski, the WAP 127 has a short, wide and slightly cambered design suitable for a variety of backcountry activities.

If you are heading to your Cabin for the weekend or just want to spend some time in thewintry nature, WAP’s are the perfect tool to ful ll your needs. Easy to carry, simple to ski and climb with floaotation. WAP is a whole lot more than just a new alternative in the world of snowshoeing - try them and discover the difference.

OAC WAP 127 links short hunting skis and snowshoes in a brilliant new way. A really short, wide and slightly cambered ski with an integrated skin base is ideal for all sorts of backcountry activities. WAP is the widest ski in our range and has a good floatation in deep snow. Due to their short length and low weight they are super easy to take with you and pack to your car’s trunk or store close to your front door.

The shape of the skin and the grooves at the glide base improve directional stability. Integrated high quality synthetic skin o ers good grip for the ascent and solves all your waxing problems for good. e skin is recessed to our Unicoat ski base. e use of latest composite materials, manufacturing methods and extensive eld testing has resulted this tough and easy to maintain base.

WAP provides you with tons of brilliant fun in all kinds of terrain, whether you are heading to the nearest hill or want to keep t by skiing at the forest close by. WAP is the answer to your needs as it is very agile for exploring the woods and gives you a stable ride while sliding down the hill. It is also a perfect choice for hunters and professionals alike.

Combined with our OAC EA binding, it is easy to use with almost any shoes available.

  • OAC Braid box construction
  • Compression resistant elastic foam core
  • OAC Unicoat skibase
  • Integrated high quality Mohair-mix skin
  • ALU/ GF reinforcement at binding area

Weight 2000g/pair
Width 135-120-132mm

Made in Finland by OAC Tech

How to choose backcountry skis

The approximated size of the packed product or the sales package is 1300 x 150 x 150 mm.


2.5 kg (with sales package 3.00 kg)

Country of origin

Sven N. wrote 22.2.2021:
Overall rating
Very nice ski, easy to carry and easy to use.
Rob J. wrote 26.1.2021:
Overall rating
Perfect for off-track skiing in the hilly backcountry of the Canadian Shield, especially in soft fresh snow where they track very well. Compared to 35cm snowshoes in 24" of heavy but fresh snow, these stayed on top of the snow much better, were less tiring, and of course much more fun on the descents. However, obviously they can't climb as well as snowshoes: I had to traverse some steeper slopes that the snowshoes went straight up. The short length makes for easy navigation through denser forests. On hardpack/icy surfaces, the combination of a very wide ski with no steel edges means they slide sideways a lot. However, this was compounded by my boots having minimal ankle support. For those conditions, I found the OAC KAR 147s perform better, being both narrower and having steel edges means they provide for better edging. Would be curious to try a more supportive Telemark boot like a T4. EA bindings are super convenient and create a very natural bending point at the toes.
Sonja G. wrote 26.1.2021:
Very fast shipping (within 4 to Germany)! I have a lot of fun with the skis and enjoy it to go with skis to the woods without any track!
Joseph B. wrote 13.1.2021:
Overall rating
These are beautiful! Seem very well made. Surprisingly light. Binding was easy to set up on arrival. Love that the binding is universal, so I can share them with my wife until our kids get big enough to let us both go out together. No special boots required! Shipping was very quick, received within a week. We don't need trails where we're going!
Carolyn L. wrote 7.1.2021:
Overall rating
These skis are so much fun! Wonderful product and incredible shopping experience. The customer service was wonderful and we received the skis in record time with no complications. So happy with our experience that we ordered two more pair!
Peter S. wrote 3.12.2020:
Overall rating
These skis are a joy to use. We live on a hilly farm and wanted something that would handle rugged, ungroomed trails. What a dream to be able to ski in our own backyard. I did not think I would be able to get up our steep hills but it's as easy as a summer hike with the OAC Skis. The binding action is brilliant, too. Beautifully crafted. Best purchase of the year and loved them so much my husband bought a pair.
Nickname Jackson wrote 29.12.2019:
The 127 size needs metal edges for icy conditions !
Nickname Jackson wrote 29.12.2019:
The 127 size needs metal edges for icy conditions !
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