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Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox Ultralight

Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox Ultralight

Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox Ultralight
Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox Ultralight
Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox Ultralight
Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox Ultralight
Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox Ultralight

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Product description

Ultra light and still a fully functional multi-fuel stove. Only 61g (2.15 oz.) in the lightest configuration, with base plate 70g (2.47 oz.). Disassembled: 12x9 cm, only 1.5 MILLIMETERS thick.

Made in Germany from 0.3mm stainless spring steel. Multi-Fuel: The Bushbox Ultralight can be operated with many different fuels: wood (we recommend to use the optional ash tray as soil protection), a Trangia burner, Esbit/hexamine tablets, gel fuel cans or as wind shield for a gas stove. With the included trivet you can use the stove with almost all pot sizes. Extremely variable and versatile. Three different positions for base plate / optional ash tray.

Consists of: 3 side panels, trivet, base plate, cotton bag

Optional acessories:
- ash tray
- additional trivet as lighter base plate (perfect for Trangia mode)
- grill plate (additional base plate)
-heavy duty outdoor bag

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 120 x 90 x 25 mm.

0,061 kg
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Anonymous verified buyer, 2.7.2022
Overall rating
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Light and does its job. Works well with Trangia
Daniel S. verified buyer, 10.6.2022
Overall rating
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Have fun. Not as good as the bigger ones, but then they weigh too much not really worth it, this is still possible to carry as a reserve / for fun. A cup of coffee gets well brewed, but maybe not for food on a longer trip.
Anonymous verified buyer, 4.6.2022
Overall rating
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Lightweight and at least versatile in principle, but by no means the best choice for long trips as the only cooker.
eero v. verified buyer, 3.6.2022
Overall rating
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Convenient package, especially when you get to Trangia. There has to be some surface that doesn’t burn or wobble, the best is the sandy bottom because it also has flexibility. Why did this - because it is light and narrow and swinging and can crash - causing the burning Trangian liquid to fall to the ground. I need to develop an iron wire tuning to get it anchored to the ground with tar wedges, I recommend doing so.
Anonymous verified buyer, 22.1.2022
Overall rating
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Functional, light and takes up little space.
Anonymous verified buyer, 31.10.2021
Overall rating
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Light and handy! Just right for me for light hiking and a survival bag packed for demanding destinations abroad.
Sirkka L. verified buyer, 27.6.2020
Overall rating
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The treasure of a light hiker. Nice when you can also use it with a bulb.
Erkki H. verified buyer, 20.8.2019
Overall rating
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Businesslike, light, goes into a small space.😊
Mika J. verified buyer, 23.4.2018
Overall rating
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Really small and light hike for a spare cooker.
Lari P. verified buyer, 17.6.2017
Overall rating
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Probably the lightest camping stove, the presence is not even noticed, but it does its job in an exemplary manner.
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