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Trangia Spirit burner with lid B25

Trangia Spirit burner with lid B25

Trangia Spirit burner with lid B25
Trangia Spirit burner with lid B25

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Product description

Trangia spirit burner for alcohol-based fuels. Easy to use due to its simple construction, has no loose parts that can break and is maintenance free. The simmering ring regulates the heat and is used to save fuel or to extinguish the flame. The burner is made from brass and the wick inside is made from 100% cotton. Yellow bag is included.

Works in all weather conditions. In severe cold, from about +5C a Winter attachment with Preheater can be used which makes it bloom faster and gives better effect.

Use alcohol-based fuel only. Never use gasoline or other petroleum based fuels as this may result in serious injury and damage the wick inside the burner.

Fuel consumption
One filling 100 ml (max. 2/3 of its maximum volume) will burn for approx. 25 min. Boils 1 Litre of water in 10 min (this varies according to weather and quality of fuel).

All Trangia stoves 25 Large + 27 Small
Trangia Triangel
Open spirit stove
Mini Trangia

1000 w/ 3500 btu

75 x 42 mm

110 g


The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 130 x 195 x 45 mm.

0,11 kg

100 milliliters

12 month(s)

Country of origin

Anonymous verified buyer, 5.3.2024
Overall rating
Simple ethanol burner, no parts that can easily break. Cooking water takes 3 times longer than on gas, but it's silent and can even be used indoors in case of emergency.
Anonymous verified buyer, 27.9.2022
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Take care of it.
Anonymous verified buyer, 7.4.2022
Translated by GoogleShow original
The old seal was gone, I wasn't sure if the sealing ring I ordered was working. Well, now there's a new burner. Trangia is like new again. Of course, the old ones started playing with new sealing rings.
Antti V. verified buyer, 23.10.2021
Overall rating
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Durable construction. Works well, but putting it in place requires skill.
Johannes M. verified buyer, 19.5.2021
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Doing what needs to be done, not complaining
Petri S. verified buyer, 15.3.2020
Overall rating
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My first experience with camping bulbs ever: works. Familiarize yourself with the instructions (+ Google tips and watch a few youtube videos) to maximize both your own security and ease of use. Burner with full flame in Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox + MSR Alpine StowAway Pot 475ml + 4 dl tap cold water + ambient temperature ~ 20 degrees and no wind = 8 min and the water boiled briskly. TA-Petu
Janne P. verified buyer, 12.2.2020
Overall rating
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Very good and for years already on the market Alcohol burner. Works.
Ene-Ly M. verified buyer, 10.4.2019
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Basic Alcohol Burner, functional
Netta H. verified buyer, 2.10.2018
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Works flawlessly!
Pietari J. verified buyer, 14.6.2017
Overall rating
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Over the years, it has been found to be reliable and functional in addition to me by countless people
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