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Carinthia Brenta

Carinthia Brenta

Carinthia Brenta
Carinthia Brenta
Carinthia Brenta
Carinthia Brenta
Carinthia Brenta
Carinthia Brenta
Carinthia Brenta
Carinthia Brenta
Carinthia Brenta
Carinthia Brenta
Carinthia Brenta
Carinthia Brenta
Carinthia Brenta
Carinthia Brenta

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Location Store (Helsinki): trekking, 9, warehouse

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Product description

Comfort Limit F: -4.4°C
Comfort Limit M: -11°C
Extreme: -30.5°C

The model Brenta has become a classic. An indispensable companion on long marches, it boasts low leight and small stuff size. The ground level cut means that there is more insulation on the top and sides where it is needed most. An extra strip of insulation has been added at the side of the back to give maximum warmth down to the insulating mat.

The trapezoidal foot section ensures that this important area also keeps warm. With scalloped hood, draft collar, zipped pocket and pillow pouchm this is a quality lightweight and comfortable sleeping bag. Available with zipper on the right or left. The practical pillow pouch can be filled with a pullover or anorak; it can also be remove for washing separately.

Filling: G-LOFT Duro, 100% PES Outside: 145g/m², Inside 150g/m²
Outer shell: Shelltex (100% PA)
Inner lining: Polycotton (50% CO, 50% PES)

Size M Size L
Dimensions: 215 / 85 / 60 cm 230 / 85 / 60 cm
Weight: 1850 g 1950 g
Pack size: 23 x 30 cm 23 x 32 cm

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 380 x 300 x 300 mm.

-11 °C

-30 °C

Fiber or Foam

Not Available

2,26 kg
(with sales package 2 kg)

24 month(s)

Anonymous verified buyer, 9.8.2023
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
The package size of the bag in relation to the warmth and comfort it brings is really good in my opinion. The bag is suitably loose, so-called for a light-bodied person. Value for money, definitely.
Anonymous verified buyer, 21.3.2023
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Looks like a really good bag, definitely warmer than my previous bag. It still requires testing, but the price-quality ratio seems good
Anonymous verified buyer, 6.1.2023
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
It was supposed to be spacious, but I felt it was too tight, even though it is not big at all. Return device. verified buyer, 29.8.2022
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
A good and warm sleeping bag. A slightly lighter version of the familiar bag from India.
Jani J. verified buyer, 4.8.2022
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
A very functional sleeping bag. The sleeping bag works well all year round and, due to its size, is easy to carry anywhere. I highly recommend!
Anonymous verified buyer, 27.7.2022
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Very warm, no need when sleeping outside in the cold. Quick to pack back into the bag, no need to roll, can be stuffed as is without any problems. It is also not sensitive to dirt. On the negative side, the water resistance is zero, but that can certainly be taken care of with appropriate sprays or other transport protections. Good buy, no regrets.
Anonymous verified buyer, 13.5.2022
Overall rating
I like this sleeping bag. Light and comfortable during the nights.
Srihari A. verified buyer, 20.1.2022
Overall rating
Seems very good so far but however I have used this only for a few days since I got it the last couple of weeks. But I think this will serve me well in the future too. I'm glad I bought this!
Jan E. verified buyer, 22.12.2021
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Have two since before so I have tested them well. The reason I bought two more is to use double sleeping bags when it's really cold. Am very happy with my sleeping bags. A big advantage that is rarely mentioned, is that it is possible to connect two sleeping bags if they have zippers on the right and left side to a single twice as big. This is much appreciated by my wife who can get some extra warmth from me.
Anonymous verified buyer, 19.12.2021
Overall rating
Translated by GoogleShow original
Very high quality sleeping bag. Values between Defense4 and Brenta, but the lightness and size of the bag with a good calorific value led to the choice of Brenta. The compression bag has no edging on the sides to make the bag longer inside the backpack. A smaller Carinthian compression bag will be purchased, as long as it makes sure somewhere that Brenta can fit inside.
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