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Nalgene Wide Mouth 1,0L

Nalgene Wide Mouth 1,0L

Nalgene Wide Mouth 1,0L
Nalgene Wide Mouth 1,0L

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Nalgene Wide Mouth 1,0L Clear/Green

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Product description

One of the most popular bottles from Nalgene is the 1 liter wide-mouth. It does not take or give taste or smell and is extremely durable. It offers the advantage of a large opening so you can easily fit ice cubes and makes it easy to clean. Also perfect for bringing pasta, rice or just store cables or other electronics that always should be kept dry.

The measuring scale on the side of the bottle lets you keep track of your water intake. The cap can be removed and changed to any other 63 mm cap. Do that and create your own designed bottle!

The bottle can stand temperatures from -40 to +100 degrees Celsius and is dishwasher safe. BPA-free and made in the US under strict quality control.

Weight: 184.00 g

Height: 213 mm
Length: 114 mm
Width: 92 mm

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 250 x 100 x 100 mm.



0.179 kg (with sales package 0.25 kg)

1 Liter

Country of origin
United States

Anonymous 21.9.2022
Overall rating
A very practical bottle! Good to fill with a large mouth from natural waters, a liter is a suitable amount for drinking and cooking. The only minus comes from the fact that the liter is of course quite heavy ;)
Anonymous 19.9.2022
Overall rating
The glowing color in the dark was a nice plus
Sanna L. 10.9.2022
Overall rating
Excellent camping bottle
Anonymous 6.9.2022
Overall rating
A good basic bottle.
Vili K. 3.9.2022
Overall rating
A very handy-sized bottle for everyday life and trips. Withstands hot and cold and is suitable for water purification systems.
Anonymous 29.8.2022
Overall rating
Works as it should.
Daniel A. 28.8.2022
Overall rating
Very convenient because of the wide mouth opening. Not the best drinking bottle, but for example when you need to take water from streams or bodies of water, it's handy.
Laura L. 25.8.2022
Overall rating
Jenna R. 23.8.2022
Overall rating
The best water bottles ever, durable, compact enough to carry even in a backpack, and the ease of machine washing is a plus. The whole family has its own bottles.
Leena S. 23.8.2022
Overall rating
Used as a sleeping bag heater and spare water bottle on winter hikes and did its job brilliantly.
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