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Start Eco Grip Tape +1° / -20°C

Start Eco Grip Tape +1° / -20°C

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Product description
Start Eco products are manufactured from environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. The packaging is made from recyclable material and is biodegradable.

Start Eco Grip Tape, suitable for all conditions +1°...-20°C (34°...-4°F)

1. Clean the grip area thoroughly with Start Grip Tape cleaner or Start Wax remover. Be sure that the grip zone is completely dry after cleaning. You may dry out the cleaner with hot air gun or hair dryer.

2. Abrade the cleaned grip wax zone with the sandpaper on the side of the box. Abrade the grip zone first across and then back and fort. It is important that the whole grip zone is thoroughly abraded. Wipe the base clean with Start polishing fibre.

3. Apply the tip of Start Grip Tape onto the beginning of the cleaned and abraded grip zone. Press the Grip Tape onto the base. Draw the Grip Tape with the box. At the same time push the guide of the box lightly towards the side of the ski. This is how you get the Grip Tape straight.

4. Cut the Grip Tape off as follows: First press the brake with finger. Turn the box upwards. Push the cutting edge towards the Grip tape. Twofold the tip (1 cm) of the tape in the box after cutting.

5. Push Start Grip Tape tightly on the base with the side of the Tape box to get air bubbles away from between the base and the tape. Push both ends of the tape very tightly.

6. Remove the paper with one quick draw. If there still exist some light spots on the tape, put the paper back and push the tape tighter onto the base. This is how you can be sure that the tape sits well. Remove the paper.

7. Let the skis cool down outside. The skis are ready for skiing. Don’t touch onto the Grip Tape with hands. Don’t press the skis together so that the grip zones touch each other.

8. Remove the Grip Tape with Start XC-scraper. Moisten the scraper with Start Grip Tape Cleaner. Push the diagonal edge of the scraper towards the base. Draw the tape off. Clean the base with Start Grip Tape Cleaner.

Temperature MAX
+1 °C

Temperature MIN
-20 °C

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Easy to put on. Good mount.
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Problems with grip tape

Grip tape freezes or new snow sticks to it 1. Tape is too long or it is in a wrong place. Check the ski stiffness and installation place. 2. You can prevent new snow from sticking to the tape by putting a thin layer of kick wax for frosts on the surface of the (cold) tape, e.g...