Problems with grip tape

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Grip tape freezes or new snow sticks to it

1. Tape is too long or it is in a wrong place. Check the ski stiffness and installation place.
2. You can prevent new snow from sticking to the tape by putting a thin layer of kick wax for frosts on the surface of the (cold) tape, e.g. Start Universal tar wax.

Grip tape doesn't stick to the base or it wears out fast

1. The tape has been installed when the ski has been cold. Install it again indoors in about +20C. Make sure that the skis and the tape are room-temperature.
2. Wax remover hasn't evaporated before installation, or you haven't used Start wax remover. Some removers can leave the base greasy and that is why the grip tape won't stick to it.
3. The ski base is dirty or poorly abraded. Clean and abrade it again. Use only Start Grip Cleaner or Start Wax Remover, and make sure that the base dries well after cleaning. If you use other abrasive paper than the one in the box, make sure it is meant for plastic and fibreglass. Roughness 100!

Grip tape falls off in the front part of the grip zone

1. The tape is too long. Remove 1-2 cm from the front part of the tape with Start XC scraper and clean the zone with wax remover. Let the remover evaporate and add glide wax to the clean zone.
2. The end of the tape hasn't been pressed down properly. Heat up the tape, with a hot air blower for example, and press down the tape onto the base.

There is no traction

1. The grip tape is too short. Add 1-2 cm of tape at a time to both ends till there's enough traction. Remember to clean and abrade the base well before installation.
2. The skis are too stiff. Add another layer of grip tape (10-15 cm) in the middle of the grip zone.

There is no glide

1. Grip tape is too long. Remove 1-2 cm of tape at a time from the front with Start XC scraper, and clean the zone with Start Wax Remover. Let the wax remover evaporate, and add glide wax to the clean zone.
2. The skis aren't stiff enough. Remove some of the tape. Even 20 cm of Start grip tape can be enough for desired traction.

There is dirt on the grip tape

Dirt can stick to new grip tape surface if skis aren't cold enough before skiing. Remove the dirt carefully with a sharp object and even the surface with cork. Dirt will also peel off if you ski on rough, icy snow.

Some parts of the grip tape have peeled off

Add some grip tape to the zone that has peeled off and press it carefully with the box. Do it indoors and make sure the ski is warm.

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