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Indiana 9'0 River Inflatable

Indiana 9'0 River Inflatable

Indiana 9'0 River Inflatable
Indiana 9'0 River Inflatable
Indiana 9'0 River Inflatable
Indiana 9'0 River Inflatable
Indiana 9'0 River Inflatable
Indiana 9'0 River Inflatable



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Product description
The smaller of the two River SUPs is the ideal companion for wild waters adventures. The inflatable 9’0 River SUP was developed in cooperation with wild water expert René Lehmann. The shape impresses with a functional outline, where the widest point of the SUP is behind the middle. This special volume distribution, in combination with a progressive rocker line on the front and the rear end makes the board very agile and allows precise steering. Also, thanks to the mentioned volume distribution, the board is very stable and keeps its track when passing through rapids. With an additional PVC strengthening on the rear end, the construction with Woven Real Double Layer leaves no room for desires when it comes to stiffness, durability and weight.

US Split Fin Box & 4 x Air7 Click Fin Boxes, 4 Plug Elastic Cord, ¼ Inch Camera Connector

Length: 9'0 / 274.3 cm • Width: 34'' / 86.4 cm • Thickness: 6'' / 15 cm • Volume: 271 L • Weight: 11 kg • Est. Rider Weight: 50-90 kg

Range of Use:
Allround ●OOOO
Yoga/Fitness ●OOOO
Tour ●OOOO
Whitewater ●●●●●
Surf ●OOOO

Paddler Level:
Beginner ●OOOO
Advanced ●●●●●
Professional ●●●●●

Material: Woven Real Double Layer • Pad: Diamond Cut with Corocodile Groove • Shaper: René Lehmann

The approximated size of the packed product or the sales package is 500 x 900 x 250 mm.

Hardboard / Inflatable

Includes leash

Includes Paddle

Whitewater / River

271 Litres

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