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OAC Prophet with NNN-BC bindings

OAC Prophet with NNN-BC bindings


OAC Prophet (NIS), 1 pair

OAC Prophet (NIS) Red
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Rottefella NNN-BC Manual, 1 pair

Cross country bind mounting

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Product description
OAC Prophet (NIS):
A composite skate of a new generation. Light, rigid and durable composite structure. Molded mounting points for all bindingsystems in the market, together with 5-click NNN NIS -plate integrated to the frame. An all around skate for active skater.

- Frame: Glasfiber reinforced plastic composite
- Runner: OAC low profile (Patented in Finland and Sweden)
- Frame lenght: 48,5cm
- Runners gliding lenght: 41cm
- Weight w/o binding: 250g
- Made in Finland

Assembly instructions
Rottefella NNN-BC Manual:
Rottefella Back Country is a solid, stable and user-friendly binding suitable for difficult terrain and varying snow conditions. It is therefore well suited for mountain touring, whether on or off the trail. Rottefella Back Country Manual has a manual opening and closing mechanism.
  • Suitable for mountain touring
  • Sturdy and user-friendly
  • Manual open and close mechanism

Weight: 530 g 
Width: 56,7mm 
Shoe size: 36-52

To attach these binding to Zandra ice skates you need also Zandra screw set (sold separately).

By buying this product bundle, you will save 16.38 $ compared to buying the products separately.

Anonymous 5.11.2021
Overall rating
These are really cool skates and look more modern compared the traditional t-shape metal skates. What I personally didn`t like is that they sound a bit different (as the are made from plastic and only 1cm metal and are hollow inside) and the binding screws do not all grab into the top layer of quite thin plastic and hollow room inside very well. It would be better if the top space would be more thick to stabilize them. Other from that the installation of the binding onto the skates worked quick and good and you get a cool pair of modern nordic ice skates. The metal part is not completely flat and has a very slight curve on the ice.
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