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Takuma Efoil Cruising + Extra Battery

Takuma Efoil Cruising + Extra Battery

Takuma Efoil Cruising + Extra Battery
Takuma Efoil Cruising + Extra Battery

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Takuma E-foil Cruising

Takuma E-foil Cruising Light Blue
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Takuma E-foil Cruising White
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Takuma Efoil Battery 43.2V-35Ah

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Takuma E-foil Cruising:

The Efoil Cruising offers effortless glide and accessibility to fly for all. Its short mast combined to the large wing surface guarantee an easy takeoff at low speed. If you’re athletic and/or you ride in the sea, we recommend this Efoil. Its smaller front wing surface (1600 cm2) makes it more responsive but also more stable in the swell.

  • Board size 6’4x30 :150 L
  • Front wing size :1600 cm2
  • Mast size :50 cm
  • Total weight :39 kg
  • Battery :12 kg
  • Board :16 kg
  • Efoil propulsion :11 kg

Package includes:

  • Efoil board
  • Remote control + charger
  • Propulsion with foil 1600 cm2
  • ESC
  • Board bag
  • Efoil bag
  • Battery + charger
  • Screw set + Tef gel


  • Flying time 70 to 90 min
  • Charging time 2h50 (220Vt) 3h20 (110Vt)
  • Max speed (subject to your weight)
  • 28km/h with the 1900 cm2
  • 30km/h with the 1600 cm2
  • 34km/h with the 1300 cm2
  • Board EPS/Fiber glass top sheet
  • Carbon front wing + stabilizer
  • Aluminum fuselage + mast
  • Engine power 3 kw
  • Engine brushless
  • Battery Li-Ion 43,2V - 35Ah Samsung
  • Aluminum propeller: 5 blades
Takuma Efoil Battery 43.2V-35Ah:

Takuma Efoil Battery Li-Ion 43,2V - 35Ah - Samsung

On water, battery autonomy is between 70 and 90 minutes, depending on conditions, riding style and rider level. Power button - You can check the charge level by pushing the handy power button.

Battery has built-in Samsung Lithium batteries, the same system used by TESLA cars. Samsung 48v/35a.

By buying this product bundle, you will save 82.29 $ compared to buying the products separately.

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