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Takuma E-foil Cruising

Takuma E-foil Cruising

Takuma E-foil Cruising
Takuma E-foil Cruising
Takuma E-foil Cruising
Takuma E-foil Cruising
Takuma E-foil Cruising
Takuma E-foil Cruising

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Takuma E-foil Cruising White
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Colour: White

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Product description

The Efoil Cruising offers effortless glide and accessibility to fly for all. Its short mast combined to the large wing surface guarantee an easy takeoff at low speed. If you’re athletic and/or you ride in the sea, we recommend this Efoil. Its smaller front wing surface (1600 cm2) makes it more responsive but also more stable in the swell.

  • Board size 6’4x30 :150 L
  • Front wing size :1600 cm2
  • Mast size :50 cm
  • Total weight :39 kg
  • Battery :12 kg
  • Board :16 kg
  • Efoil propulsion :11 kg

Package includes:

  • Efoil board
  • Remote control + charger
  • Propulsion with foil 1600 cm2
  • ESC
  • Board bag
  • Efoil bag
  • Battery + charger
  • Screw set + Tef gel


  • Flying time 70 to 90 min
  • Charging time 4h45min
  • Max speed (subject to your weight)
  • 28km/h with the 1900 cm2
  • 30km/h with the 1600 cm2
  • 34km/h with the 1300 cm2
  • Board EPS/Fiber glass top sheet
  • Carbon front wing + stabilizer
  • Aluminum fuselage + mast
  • Engine power 3 kw
  • Engine brushless
  • Battery Li-Ion 43,2V - 35Ah Samsung
  • Aluminum propeller: 5 blades

The approximate size of the packed product or the sales package is 1800 x 900 x 400 mm.


39 kg (with sales package 49.00 kg)

150 Liters

Piia S. 6.8.2021
I tested, the e-foil lasted half an hour, then the device tilted and the back wing had fallen into the lake (at this point in the manual there was an unclear piece that was not included). Aspa was advised to dry the device for a day. In the end, I returned with a 14 day return policy. Reportedly return only 90% of the price because the product is used and defective, meaning that half an hour of amusement cost us 600 euros. (The device was assembled according to the instructions.)
Nickname Mökkeilijä 29.8.2021
I would still correct my previous comment. The battery is fully charged in just over four hours. The charger charges with 8A current and the battery capacity is 35Ah. In four hours, the battery charges 8A x 4h = 32Ah. The 2h 45min charging speed mentioned in the board's brochure is apparently calculated according to the smaller 20Ah battery. Otherwise very funny closet!
Nickname Mökkeilijä 15.8.2021
Based on the first six batteries, electrofiling is a positive experience! The Takuma E-Foil Cruiser is very quiet in its running sound and is therefore suitable for our cottage lake, where there are no moving motorboats. Weighing about 38kg with a battery, the device is clumsy to move on land, but in water the size and mass bring suitable stability for a beginner. The battery charging time may be slightly indicated on the bottom cover. My own battery charges from zero to full in just over three hours. It is a good idea to check the tightness of the wing mounting screws from time to time or to use a suitable screw lock. After the first five batteries, the wing mounting screws had loosened by about 1/3 -1/2 turns, although there was no danger of the wing coming off yet. Pre-flight inspection is a routine procedure for all aircraft and I also recommend it for e-foil. However, the wings are subjected to moderate force, torque and a bit of vibration, even though the engine rotates surprisingly evenly.
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