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Indiana 12'6 Feather Inflatable

Indiana 12'6 Feather Inflatable

Indiana 12'6 Feather Inflatable
Indiana 12'6 Feather Inflatable
Indiana 12'6 Feather Inflatable
Indiana 12'6 Feather Inflatable

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The great demand for the 11’6 Feather and the desire to a bigger and more voluminous featherlight board has convinced us to produce the 12'6 Feather this yearhat uns dazu bewegt noch in diesem Jahr das 12’6 Feather anzubieten.The 12’6 Feather is longer, wider and offers with 351 Liters a lot of space for heavier paddlers and baggage. It is 6 Inch thick and therefore very stiff. With only 7.5 kg it is still featherlight and the ideal board or adventurers who like to take their board everywhere they go and don't want to miss out in performance. The flat touring shape allows great speed and directional stability.

Supercool! Slidefin Box, 8.5 Hyperflow Polyamid Fin, ¼ Inch Camera Connector Incl. Light Dry Transport Bag, HP 2 Double Action Pump, Repair Kit

Length: 12'6’ / 381 cm • Width: 32’’ / 81.3 cm • Thickness: 6’’ / 15 cm • Volume: 351 L • Weight: 7.5 kg • Est. Rider Weight: 70-100 kg

Range of Use:
Allround ●●●●O
Yoga/Fitness ●●●●O
Tour ●●●●●
Whitewater ●OOOO

Paddler Level:
Beginner ●●●●●
Advanced ●●●●●
Professional ●●●●●

Material: Woven Dropstitch, PVC • Construction: Single Layer • EVA Pad: Crocodile Skin • Fin: 8.5’’ Hyperflow Polyamid Slidefin • Shaper: Lorenza Vils-Ehrler • Produced in China

The approximated size of the packed product or the sales package is 900 x 500 x 250 mm.

Hardboard / Inflatable

Includes leash

Includes Paddle

Allround, Touring

7.5 kg (with sales package 14.00 kg)

351 Litres

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