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Carinthia TSS System



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Product description

The G-LOFT® Technical Sleeping Bag System opens a completely new CARINTHIA product line. The TSS is a sleeping bag combination system consisting of the TSS inner and the TSS outer sleeping bag. The application possibilities of the TSS are as varied as the features of this system. On the one hand, the highly breathable outer and inner fabric ensures ideal moisture transport to the outside, on the other hand, both sleeping bags can be used individually or in combination. With the TSS you really have a high-end summer or three-season sleeping bag. By combining the two sleeping bags a Temp. Limit M of -15 ° C is achieved. The TSS meets the high standards of any survival adventurer, even in more extreme conditions.

Insulation: G-LOFT®, 100% Polyester

Outer fabric: 100% Polyamid
Inner lining: 100% Polyamid
Sizes: M, L
Pack size compressed (cm):
TSS Inner 14x18 cm Gr. M und 14x20 cm Gr. L
TSS Outer 19x25 cm Gr, M und 19x27 cm Gr. L

Dimensions (cm):
TSS: 215/80/52 (M), 230/85/55 (L)
TSS Inner: 210/75/52 (M), 225/78/55 (L)
TSS Outer: 215/80/52 (M), 230/85/55 (L)

Weight (g):
TSS: 1.820 (M), 2.160 (L)
TSS Inner: 1.200 (M), 1.410 (L)
TSS Outer: 620 (M), 750 (L)

TSS: Comfort F: -8,0 | Comfort Limit M: -15,0 | Extreme: -36,0
TSS Inner: Comfort F: -2,0 | Comfort Limit M: -8,0 | Extreme: -27,0
TSS Outer: Comfort F: 9,0 | Comfort Limit M: 5,0 | Extreme: -8,0

Temperature according to ISO 23537-1/EN 13537

-8 °C

-36 °C

Fiber or Foam

-15 °C

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