It’s said that snowshoes were invented over 10,000 years ago as an ingenious aid to moving around and hunting. An instinctive way of effectively distributing body weight on snow. At the time, snowshoes were made of a wooden frames tied together by leather straps or animal skins.

It was not until 1981, when TSL was founded in the heart of the Alps, in Thônes (France), that the product underwent its first major revolution. TSL took its inspiration from a wooden snowshoe and manufactured it in plastic. The JCB, the first model to be used for recreation and sporting purposes, was born.

During the 90s, TSL developed and marketed the 225 RANDO, the first snowshoe with an articulating binding that combined comfort, technical design and firm foot support. Its unique hourglass shape offered walking comfort and became the recognisable footprint for all the brand’s composite snowshoes. It was an immediate success and is still the most widely sold model in the world.

As a result of TSL’s enthusiasm and constant improvements (Step-In, Up & Down System, heel lifts, etc.) enabling users to walk on all types of terrain, TSL snowshoes travelled beyond France and were exported as far as Japan and other European countries. Supported by the brand, a European snowshoe racing cup competition was set up, along with a large number of marked trails.

2013. A year to remember. Escape into nature, freedom and the exploration of magnificent scenery are the very essence of the sport. But ever since the snowshoe was first created, man has had to adapt his stride to the structure and shape of the product and this has distanced him from nature. TSL OUTDOOR shakes up the rules to offer the first model of a future generation of snowshoes that offers unrivalled advantages. We have designed and developed a snowshoe that adapts to the user’s stride and to the terrain in which he is walking. We have carefully designed the various contact points, flexibility, lightness and grip in such a way that the walker rediscovers his natural stride as he walks over the snow. We have used advanced technology to give life to this snowshoe. After more than 10,000 years, winter walkers are AT LAST in total symbiosis with nature. Which is why we have called this model TSL SYMBIOZ.


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