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Use: ultra-light tents
Fabric base: 30 D high tenacity ripstop nylon
Treatment: 100% silicone coating on both sides
Weight: 50 g/m²/1.47 oz/yd²
Hydrostatic head: 20 kPa ISO-811 (BS EN 20811)*
Tear strength: min. 12 kg/26 lbs
Tensional strength: min. 35 kg/77 lbs ISO-1421 (BS-3424 Pt5 7b)
Extra properties: high UV-resistance

Both Kerlon outer tent fabrics are of the highest quality and are chosen for their UV-tolerance.The essential secret to their performance is silicone coating. However, as it is the case with all synthetic fabrics, one should avoid unnecessary exposure to sunlight, direct contact with salt water and all sorts of chemicals. This is a very fine and light fabric which, despite its strength, is sensitive like all synthetic fabrics to UV-rays. One should not expose it to immediate strong sunlight for any extended periods.

Hilleberg Tarp 20 UL
Hilleberg Tarp 20 UL
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