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Guideline Predator Evolve

Guideline Predator Evolve

Guideline Predator Evolve

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Float. /Hoover/ Int.
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A new and improved version of our classic Pike WF line, developed for use together with large streamers, deceivers and pike flies. Very well suited for streamer fishing and for inshore fishing along the coast.

A series of lines developed for use together with large streamers, deceivers and pike flies. Predator lines use new machine-, computer- and material-technologies to achieve improved control over belly- and running line diameters, as well as the hardness of coating and core. Very well suited for streamer fishing and for inshore fishing along the coast. Built on our proven Direct Contact, low-stretch, braided multifilament nylon core with a breaking strength of 30 lbs. It has strong factory-made loops in both ends. Head lengths in all line weights are 11,0 meters including a 3,0 meter back taper. Total length is 30 meters. Please see box label for head-weight of each line.

Predator Evolve Floating.

A low diameter floating head makes the line powerful and the well-balanced running line dimensions helps producing good distance casts when wading, while it still aids turnover in head wind conditions or when fishing from a boat. Color: Light Green/Sunrise Orange.

Predator Evolve Hover/Intermediate.

The best choice for a majority of the season, when fish hold in water that is 1- 2 meters deep. It has a powerful, 6 meter Hover/Intermediate front with a sink rate of 30 sec/m. A short floating belly section and floating running line help balancing the line nicely in the water column. Color: Clear light green/Sunrise Orange.

Predator Evolve Sink1/Sink3.

This is a very effective double-density line for those occasions when fish hold in depths of around 2-5 meters. An aggressive taper and increasing density towards the tip make this line stay at the desired depth during a longer part of the retrieve. The taper loads the rod easily for a new cast. Color: Sea Green/Sunrise Orange.


  • Density Float
  • Fish Species
  • Pike Sea Trout Sea Bass
  • Head Length 11 m / 36 ft
  • Head Weight 20g / 308 grains
  • Line weight #8
  • Rod Type Single Hand
  • Total Length 30m / 98,4 ft

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