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Velocity Systems Variable Width Riggers Belt


Velocity Systems Variable Width Riggers Belt
Velocity Systems Variable Width Riggers Belt
Velocity Systems Variable Width Riggers Belt

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Coyote, Large

Kolor: Coyote
Rozmiar: Large

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The Variable Width Riggers Belt solves the issue of having to wear both a trouser belt, and then another riggers belt through a battle belt on top of that. When used with our Operator Utility Belt, this belt can be used as a single belt to both keep your pants up, and don a Utility Belt. The Variable Width Riggers Belt is a 1.5" Riggers Belt that is woven down to 1" at the buckle so it fits through any trouser belt loops. The reverse of the belt is Velcro® One-Wrap® to mate with the interior of our Operator Utility Belt.

• 1.5" to 1" Variable width woven webbing
• Austria Alpin COBRA® Buckle Closure
• Tie-In Point, Class 7 Stitched
(Rated for 1,000 ft-lbs)
• Mates with Operator Utility Belt

X-Small: 26” – 30”
Small: 30” – 34”
Medium: 34” – 38”
Large: 38” – 42”
X-Large: 42” – 46”

We recommended ordering the size which has a length slightly shorter than your waist size (on top of your pants) so there is room for a buckle in front. Therefore the approximate waist lengths are:

Small (waist 30-34)
Medium (waist 34-38)
Large (waist 38-42)
X-Large (waist 40-44+)

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