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Fourth Element Women’s Xenos 3mm

Fourth Element Women’s Xenos 3mm

Fourth Element Women’s Xenos 3mm
Fourth Element Women’s Xenos 3mm
Fourth Element Women’s Xenos 3mm
Fourth Element Women’s Xenos 3mm
Fourth Element Women’s Xenos 3mm

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Fourth Element Women’s Xenos 3mm Black/Fuchsia

L Short

Kolor: Black/Fuchsia
Rozmiar: L Short

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Opis produktu

The design criteria were to make the Xenos as easy as possible to get on and off. This is achieved by cut away ankles (inspired by the fast transition features of triathlon suits) and smooth linings in the arms and legs.

This suit is perfect for days in and out of the water especially on live-aboards.

Comfortable stretch neoprene throughout ensures that the suit fits well, hugging the body and minimising water flushing through the suit. Double glued and blind-stitched seams combine with internal ankle seals and wrist seals to minimise water ingress.

Designed specifically with multiple dives per day usage such as live-aboard diving in mind. Donning the suit is easy thanks to low friction fast drying linings on arms and legs, but the thermal performance is surprising thanks to blind-stitched seams and Thermoflex linings on the body core. Layer with a Thermocline vest for a little extra protection on the last dive of the day!

  • Stretch neoprene for optimum fit
  • Designed for rapid donning and doffing
  • Watertight blind stitched seams
  • Thermal lining
  • Hydrolock wrist seals to minimise water ingress
  • Flattering lines
Material: 90% Neoprene, 10% Nylon

Przybliżony rozmiar zapakowanego towaru lub rozmiar opakowania produktu to 400 x 400 x 200 mm.

3 mm


1 kg(Wraz z wagą opakowania, jeśli jest obecne)

12 mies.

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