Guideline Fario CDC WF

Guideline Fario CDC WF

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Quiet, delicate and a generator of laser-sharp loops, this line has become a favorite among Guidelines team members and ambassadors that fish for shy trout with light gear in clear, small waters around the planet. You will immediately notice the very low diameter of this line, a feature that helps the line cut through wind and present long leaders with pinpoint accuracy. By keeping the front taper rather short, but with a well-balanced dissipation of mass and power, even these light lines will turn over long leaders in a controlled way. The relatively long belly and back tapers ensure a parallel flight path of the loop sections, and this will help you do any aerial corrections to the line during the last forward cast, as the line stays a little higher in the air all the way to the back, than a line with more weight-concentration in the back will.

Keeping the height as the line rolls out is also a great feature when you are setting the back cast high over obstacles behind and a great property when casting from lower positions from a boat or float tube. The extremely slick coating is dense and with a relatively high density to keep the diameter and wind resistance low, while still being buoyant enough to keep the tip section floating.  Guideline CDC WF is built on a braided multifilament core of 12 lbs strength, and it has a very subtle and delicate “spring green/grey” color in the head. The shooting line has a slightly “off-white” color that offers enough contrast to let you know where your transition between the two section is placed. There is small factory-made loops in each end, the head length is 11,0-12,5 meters and the total length is 25 m for line weights 2-4 and 27,5 m in line weight 5. The fly line box and spool are both eco-friendly and compostable.

Model Head Lenght Head Weight Line weight: Total Lenght
Fario CDC WF2F 11m / 36 ft. 6,5g / 100 gr. #2 25 m / 27,5 yds
Fario CDC WF3F 12.0m / 39,3 ft. 8,5g / 131 gr. #3 25 m / 27,5 yds
Fario CDC WF4F 12.0m / 39,3 ft 10,5g / 162 gr. #4 25 m / 27,5 yds
Fario CDC WF5F 12.5m / 41 ft. 12,5g / 193 gr. #5 27,5 m / 30 yds

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