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Dianova Lapstone Cook w/ Cordura Sheath

Dianova Lapstone Cook w/ Cordura Sheath

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Grit: 300/600

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Model: Grit: 300/600

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A Swedish-made professional-quality double-sided diamond sharpener with large diamond-covered surfaces.

The long 150 mm diamond-covered surfaces make for faster sharpening and the thin profile allows access to every area to be sharpened. The sharpener has both a fine and a coarse side of 600 or 300 grit (30 or 60 micron diamonds)

Dianova Lapstone’s proven manufacturing process has been used since 1993 to guarantee an even, hard-wearing surface with an unequaled number of diamonds per square millimetre.

It comes with a Cordura case to protect the sharpener as well as other objects from being scratched from the sharpener.

Length: 250 mm
Width: 20 mm
Diamond blade thickness: 3 mm (guard 25 mm)
Diamond surfaces:  150 * 19 mm – monocrystalline diamonds of the highest quality rating

Przybliżony rozmiar zapakowanego towaru lub rozmiar opakowania produktu to 50 x 270 x 20 mm.

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