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Guideline Predator DX Slow Intermediate

Guideline Predator DX Slow Intermediate

Guideline Predator DX Slow Intermediate

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Predator DX is a powerful and well-balanced WF line with a taper that easily turns over larger streamers, poppers and pike flies. It has a favorable price and is also a perfect choice for those who want a easy to cast floating line on the coast or in larger still waters with a lot of wind.

Fishing for predatory fish such as pike, perch, sea bass and sea trout is becoming more and more popular, both in Scandinavia and in the rest of Europe. These are species found in many waters and along the coasts with free fishing and therefore easily accessible to many fly fishermen in their neighboring areas. When it comes to pike, there is no species in northern Europe that is growing as large and is found in many waters that do not require expensive fishing licenses on exclusive beats.

When you fish with a floating fly line and flies that go in or very close to the surface, you get an extra dimension for the predator fishing. Watching a large pike or high-back perch hunt for and completely demolish your popper in the surface causes the adrenaline levels in the body to soar. Guideline has therefore developed Predator DX, a powerful yet well balanced flyline adapted to be used with larger streamers, poppers and pike flies. It has a taper that makes it easy to turn over the larger and wind-catching flies that you usually use. In the lighter classes, the Predator DX becomes a perfect choice for anyone who wants a powerful floating line on the coast chasing seatrout and bass or in larger still waters with a lot of wind.

The line has a great price, to let more people be able to try this exciting fishing, and it is the same line that is included in Guidelines EPIK pike fishing kits. Total length 30 meters.


Density: Slow Intermediate
Fish Species: Pike | Sea Trout
Fishing Spot: Coastal Lakes
Head Length: 10.6 m / 34.7 ft
Head Weight: 23g / 360 grains
Line weight: #10
Rod Type: Single Hand

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