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Traditional footwear manufacturer from Germany. The Meindl family has manufactured high-quality outdoor shoes for over 300 years in their home village Kirschanschöring.
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Choosing hiking boots

Already in 1976, Alfons Meindl developed boot terain categories. These categories give you a clear image of which kind of boot you need for different use and terrain. Boots are categorised based on their stiffness and weight, shaft length, leather thickness, and the pattern of the sole.

Taking care of hiking boots

Need for maintenance depends on the use. In case of hard and frequent use, you need to care for them more often, but with more moderate use, once in a month or two is enough. If the leather absorbs water, it requires waterproofing. When the surface looks dry, it's time for waxing.
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Meindl boots have a one-year guarantee from the day of purchase. It covers manufacturing defects and materials, with a condition of proper use and care.
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